Gavin Newsom’s socialist California is already falling apart—and he hasn’t even pulled one dirty Communist-style move yet

As a businessman, Gavin Newsom should know better.

But he’s determined to turn California into a socialist wreck.

And he hasn’t even pulled one dirty Communist-style move yet.

Gavin Newsom loves to use capitalism to fund his outlandish socialist policies.

And his most recent stunt threatens to push America past the point of no return.

Since he’s pushed gas prices in California to new record levels—surging to $6.30 a gallon compared to the national average of $3.19—Gavin Newsom has been grasping for a scapegoat to take the blame.

Of course, oil industry executives became his immediate targets.

“The fact is, they’re ripping you off. Their record profits are coming at your expense,” Newsom claimed.

CEO fires back at “No Energy” Newsom

But now Valero Energy Corporation has fired back at the state’s egotistical governor pointing out that Democrats’ pet policies have hobbled the industry.

“California policies have made it difficult to increase refining capacity and have prevented supply projects to lower operating costs of refineries,” Valero’s letter explained.

The company’s vice president for State Government Affairs told KTLA that the state’s regulations along with the cost of running refineries are forcing Californians to cough up nearly double the national average at the pump.

And the company is warning that a dirty Communist-style trick Newsom is chomping at the bit to implement will only make matters worse.

It seems No-Lights Newsom isn’t merely trying to force his citizens to switch to electric cars they won’t be able to even charge thanks to the state’s pathetic power grid—he also has plans to basically take over oil companies in the state.

In the tradition of Communists who like to nationalize corporations in the process of utterly destroying an economy, Newsom is pushing a “windfall tax” on oil companies.

That means he would get the state legislature to swipe oil companies’ profits to supposedly give them back to taxpayers.

But history has proven time and again exactly how well government can be trusted when it gets in the business of redistributing wealth.

“Adding further costs, in the form of new taxes or regulatory constraints, will only further strain the fuel market and adversely impact refiners. Ultimately, those costs will pass to California consumers,” Valero said in a written statement.

Thanks to gross mismanagement and illogical pandemic shutdowns, California’s economy is already suffering mightily.

Many citizens and businesses who could afford to do so have already fled the state for parts of the country where they can function without onerous government interference.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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