Gavin Newsom’s hometown politics editor made a prediction that left the Governor red with rage

Even leftists can’t stand the arrogance Gavin Newsom exudes these days.

The California Governor is clearly gunning for a chance at the top office in the nation.

But his hometown politics editor made a prediction that left the Governor red with rage.

Gavin Newsom might be the darling of powerful San Francisco families, but one local newspaper editor isn’t afraid to call him out on his failings.

SFGATE Politics Editor Eric Ting says Newsom “needs a reality check on his presidential ambitions.”

Apparently, the amount of time Newsom has spent focused on everywhere except California isn’t exactly making him any friends at home.

In Ting’s words, “It’s painfully obvious Newsom wants to run for President one day.”

Of course, like every true Presidential hopeful Newsom is playing coy.

“If you believe Newsom’s public statements that he doesn’t eventually want to run for President, I’d direct you towards similar statements made by Sens. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren in the years prior to the 2020 Presidential election,” Ting wrote. “Regardless of when Newsom runs, he, like Warren and Booker before him, is likely to faceplant for many of the same reasons.”

It turns out that Nancy Pelosi’s nephew has plenty of problems likely to come back to haunt him during a Presidential debate.

One scandal in the making has to do with his office getting improperly involved in a lawsuit involving gaming company Activision Blizzard.

The fact that he’s a blue governor in a solidly blue state with an economy the size of France, but with highest poverty and near poverty rates in the nation won’t help either.

If left-wing policies actually worked, California should be a true socialist utopia by now, rather than a crime-ridden hellhole people can’t wait to escape.

And, as Ting pointed out, “Newsom is the embodiment of a coastal elite, and is already a prominent Fox News bogeyman.”

Of course, the rest of the field is equally heartburn-inducing as far as Republicans are concerned.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and even – heaven help us – Hillary Clinton are all horrifying alternatives.

And it’s doubtful Newsom is going to let the dour prediction from his hometown newspaper editor slow him down.

Newsom has been positioning himself for the top job for years.

Back in 2004, Newsom and his first wife (who, ironically, is now Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée) posed for a Harper’s Bazaar spread called “The New Kennedys.”

While he had to swap out a new woman to play his “Jackie,” his willingness to lounge around on a carpet for one ridiculous magazine shoot after another reveals a serious level of commitment – and enough arrogance to aspire to any office.

We can only hope the entire future field of Democrats manage to “faceplant” before the country is saddled with yet another leftist at the helm for four to eight years.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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