Gavin Newsom left citizens in one ruby red state horrified over how he plans to make them pay

Gavin Newsom is an endless fount of horrible ideas.

And he wants more than just people surging over the Golden State’s border.

Now he’s left citizens in one ruby red state horrified over how he plans to make them pay.

The misery California Governor Gavin Newsom manages to inflict on the Golden State is seeping across borders into red states.

And red state residents are paying the price for Newsom’s horrible ideas.

It’s no surprise California is leading the nation in outrageously high gasoline prices.

But several surrounding red states are also feeling a nasty pinch at the pump—and they all have one thing in common: they’re located far too close to Gavin Newsom’s economic disaster in progress.

Now one red state is letting residents know they can blame the wannabe president for budget-busting fuel prices.

Governor wants Utahns to find out they’re paying the price for Gavin Newsom’s horrible ideas

Utah’s Republican Governor Spencer J. Cox tasked his Office of Energy Development with digging into exactly why gasoline prices in the state have been trending above the national average for years now.

The conclusion came back that “government interference” is to blame.

The researchers found that while oil pulled from the ground in Utah sells for less that than in California and even Texas, since other states keep buying their relatively inexpensive fuel, blue states along the West Coast are effectively controlling the price of gasoline even in the Intermountain West.

“West Coast demand for Utah refined products has increased because of diminishing supply in the West due to refinery closures and biofuel conversions,” the report explained.

The 33-page report also zeroed in on how “California’s policies make it the most expensive operating environment in the country.”

It turns out California has a “cap and trade system” adding about $0.25 per gallon and low carbon fuel standard that ups the price for each gallon by another $0.22.

The state has also been pressuring refineries to switch over to biodiesel production with a 40% to 60% capacity loss.

With Newsom and his leftist friends on a economic suicide mission to ban sales of new vehicles with combustion engines in just over a decade, the problem is only likely to get far worse.

California leftists enjoy special status as being part of the only state allowed to create fuel standards stricter than even the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Since most Democrats can’t stand being left out when it comes to implementing an atrociously awful idea, numerous blue states have passed trigger laws causing their states to automatically adopt any new awful environmental regulation California can dream up.

As a result, it’s clear that the United States is becoming increasingly divided.

Now red states far from coastline ports will soon be forced to develop their own infrastructure to survive economically as their blue state neighbors adopt increasingly illogical—and unaffordable—policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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