Even this woke company has had enough of Seattle

Companies are fleeing Democrat-controlled cities and states in droves after years of passing pro-crime policies.

Crime has skyrocketed, and even the “wokest” companies are packing their bags.

And even this woke company has had it with Seattle.

No business wants to operate in a blue state

Democrats have sent a powerful message to business owners that they are unwanted, especially in Democrat-controlled parts of America.

Pro-crime policies which incentivize crime, crippling taxes, and rampant homelessness have created an environment in many states and cities that no business wants to operate in.

Seattle, Washington is one of the worst offenders, and businesses are escaping this Democrat-controlled city by the day.

The latest business to flee Seattle is the tech giant Google.

Google scrapped a plan to develop a massive office in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington, leaving city planners furious.

The City of Kirkland said in a press release that “Google, which on the same day announced it was cutting 12,000 jobs globally, no longer planned to be the tech centerpiece in the city’s development plan.”

This announcement shocked city officials, however, it does not come as a surprise to Seattle residents who have seen businesses leave in droves in recent years.

Although Google did not give a specific reason for their departure, other businesses that have left the area recently have made it very clear why they are closing shop.

Nike and Starbucks are two companies that have closed several stores in downtown Seattle as a direct result of high crime and violence.

Last summer, a spokesman for Starbucks (which was ironically founded in Seattle) claimed that “We were similarly challenged in the city of Seattle for ensuring the safety of our customers and employees,” after closing 5 stores in downtown Seattle.

Companies like Starbucks and Nike are notoriously “woke”, however even these companies cannot weather Seattle’s anti-business climate.

Crime is destroying brick and mortar retail stores

Mayhem has ensued due to pro-crime policies passed by the Seattle Municipal Government.

Not even the wokest of companies like Google, Starbucks, and Nike wants to do business in Seattle and other Democrat-controlled cities.

Democrats are putting their support for criminals and drug users above businesses, which is having a devastating impact on the economy.

Businesses are sick and tired of having their stores ransacked by street thugs, only to be told to stop complaining by city officials.

Many Democrats have a misguided notion that major businesses can afford to be robbed.

The truth is, many of these stores are owned by franchisees who bring in razor-thin profits if any.

Business owners are bleeding cash due to crime, and leaving Seattle is the only way to stop the bleeding.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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