Employees who defy Biden’s mandate could face one insane penalty

Joe Biden is moving full speed ahead with his unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Pending lawsuits are working to stop Biden in his tracks.

But employees who defy Biden’s mandate could face one insane penalty.

Despite challenges to the constitutionality of Joe Biden’s ridiculous vaccine mandate, organizations are moving forward as if the protocols will be federally enforced.

And Penn State University is taking extreme measures – people who do not comply with the vaccine mandate could literally face reeducation.

Penn State Provost Nicholas P. Jones said:

“Many of you know (the mandate) is being challenged in the courts so we don’t know the outcome of that process yet, but we are planning around it prevailing, and so implementing that mandate . . . We’ve got to prepare because there’s not a lot of runway between now and January the fourth.”

According to a Penn State mandate explainer, any university employees subject to OSHA regulations must comply with the vaccine mandate or face repercussions.

The Epoch Times reports:

Technical service employees will get a “five-workday period of education, including providing noncompliant employees with information regarding the benefits of vaccination and ways to obtain the vaccine.” After the period of education, technical service employees will have one calendar week “to demonstrate progress toward becoming fully vaccinated or they will be placed on a two-week unpaid suspension. Continued noncompliance following the suspension will result in termination of employment. Employees will be permitted to voluntarily resign, or if eligible, retire before facing involuntary termination of employment.”

If after five days of “education” employees still resist the mandates, they would be forced out.

This is precisely the type of power the COVID regime wants.

The emergency powers given to the establishment will never be relinquished, and there will always be some justification for crackdowns, lockdowns, and forced medical procedures.

Many on the Left have already declared racism a public health crisis, so there is no limiting principle to what these power-hungry apparatchiks will do.

Medical tyranny is afoot, and it’s been couched in the guise of “safety.”

But other western countries that are further down the road of COVID hysteria are giving Americans a glimpse into the future.

Australia has already built quarantine camps, and people who break curfew are being hunted down and arrested.

Germany is pondering whether or not to make vaccines mandatory for all citizens.

The COVID regime has shown that it will stop at nothing to achieve its aims.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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