Desperate Illinois Democrats enacted a crazy damage control scheme to shift blame for sky-high gas prices

It’s no secret that Democrats’ political fortunes are fading fast.

Gas prices have been rising for the last fifteen months, largely because of the far-left’s dogmatic opposition to domestic energy production, and given that they have full control of Congress and their doddering puppet in the White House, the attempts to shift the blame are falling on deaf ears.

Now, desperate Illinois Democrats enacted a crazy damage control scheme to shift blame for sky-high gas prices.

Democrats in Illinois have just passed a law requiring private-sector retailers to place stickers on gas pumps noting a “tax relief” measure included in the price.

Crazy, right?

Businesses are now being forced to advertise for people in power during an election year – or be subject to a hefty fine.

The budget bill will force gas stations to post stickers on pumps noting that an inflationary gas tax increase of about 2.2 cents per gallon that is scheduled to go into effect on July 1st has been suspended for six months – or risk a fine of $500 per day.

According to The Center Square, retailers that refuse to post the stickers through election day, when Gov. J.B. Pritzker and all state legislative seats are on the ballot, will face fines of over $65,000.

The stickers reportedly will read, “As of July 1, 2022, the State of Illinois has suspended the inflation adjustment to the motor fuel tax through December 31, 2022. The price on this pump should reflect the suspension of the tax increase.”

Rep. Mike Zalewski (D) sponsored the bill but when asked, couldn’t provide an estimate on how much it would cost to put such a sticker on every gas pump in what is clearly an election year ploy.

It’s not just that the gas pump sticker is ethically questionable in an election year – it’s far dumber – because it’s like a comedy sketch show that highlights how much more expensive Illinois’ gas tax is to neighboring states.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker and legislative Democrats doubled the state’s gas tax in 2019, increasing it from 19 cents a gallon to 38 cents.

But that wasn’t enough – they also added an annual increase tied to inflation and it’s that annual increase for this year that’s been suspended for six months, not the doubling of the state gas tax in 2019 or the inflationary increases that have already kicked in.

So Democrats raised the price of gas 19 cents per gallon through taxes, and now that overall fuel prices have sky-rocketed, because of other Democrats, they want to be sure the public gives them credit and support for essentially saying, “Times are tough. You know what? For the next six months we’ll let you get away with only giving us that extra 19 cents a gallon, instead of the additional two cents we were also going to take from you. But don’t get too comfortable because in six months we’re coming back, and we reserve the right to take even more!”

But what else can we expect from the “Party of the Working Class?”

All these shady maneuverings just demonstrate that this administration has been an unmitigated disaster, that Democrats know it, and are desperately trying to get out in front of the wrecking ball that is about to clobber their electoral power in just over six months.

You love to see it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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