Democrats’ pro-crime policies have turned this gorgeous western state into a war zone

Democrats have a reverse Midas’ touch.

Everything they touch turns to crap.

And now Democrats’ pro-crime policies have turned this gorgeous western state into a war zone.

Making it legal to grow weed was supposed to kill the black market in Oregon – instead it’s thriving and bullets are flying.

Even though growing marijuana is legal in Oregon with government approval, the black market is exploding.

Police say the black-market value was around $2.78 billion last year.

State police hauled off 1,793,029 plants and 988,768 pounds of processed marijuana.

Even though using weed is now legal in Oregon, it will fetch $1,000 or more in states where it is still illegal.

A Politico reporter visited a retiree in southern Oregon who has been fenced in by illegal weed farms in the last seven years.

While the reporter was touring the property with the Vietnam veteran and a friend, they called out to a worker on one of the illegal operations.

Within a few minutes shots rang out.

A local Sheriff says that they’ve shut down operations based out of Bulgaria, Argentina, China, and Mexico.

There’s also evidence some criminal groups out of eastern Europe are working in southern Oregon.

“A lot of these organizations, before the legal market came into effect, would grow in the forest lands — they’d be up in the hills,” Obie Strickler, a licensed cannabis grower said. “Now they’re . . . right out in the open.”

There are so many illegal farms it’s even been causing a water shortage.

A community liaison for the Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District was flying a mere 20 miles in his valley and managed to map out 1,030 clusters of greenhouses.

He estimates about 80% are illegal.

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use since 2015.

Oregon started decriminalizing other drugs in 2017 when the legislature changed possession from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Last year it became the first state in the nation to decriminalize possession and use of all drugs.

Now those caught with small amounts of drugs as serious as cocaine and heroin get slapped with something similar to a traffic ticket.

Possessing a larger amount of drugs could result in a misdemeanor.

Drug overdoses and mental health issues are now a huge issue in the state, which remains under firm control of Democrats who are bent on wasting taxpayer money to clean up from the policies that are benefitting foreign drug cartels.

Between loose borders and slack laws along the United States’ west coast, you’d almost think those cartels have some high-powered lobbyists making sure Democrats keep their road to riches as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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