Democrat Mayor will never forget this drubbing he just caught at the hands of one NYC resident

The Democrat Party has now become the Party of the elites.

But left-wing politicians constantly jetting off on “junkets” to exotic locals may want to start giving a damn about taking care of problems at home first.

Because the drubbing NYC Mayor Eric Adams just got from one resident should never be forgotten.

A brutal attack in the Big Apple Subway put a face on Democrats’ unconscionable pro-crime obsession

It’s proving how little Democrats really care about women and minorities.

And it could lead to a lifelong struggle for one mom of five.

A mother of five ripped into New York City Mayor Eric Adams this week after a horrific attack, caught on video, left her battered beyond recognition and possibly partially blind for life.

Elizabeth Gomes appeared on a video with her husband standing next her for support as she ripped into NYC Mayor Eric Adams for failing to fulfill his promise to protect the innocent in his city.

“I remember hearing that they would have cops posted on platforms, riding the trains, cops down in a subway. Mayor Adams said especially in the subway,’’ Gomes pointed out.

“The mayor said we would have much more cops in the subway and the cops specifically would be patrolling the subways because that’s where the worst of the crimes we are having. Especially at places like Howard Beach station,” she added. “There was no one. Why no protection there?”

In an interview with The New York Post, she also pointed out the irony of leftist busybody politicians sticking their noses into everybody else’s business while letting the places they’re supposed to be protecting fall apart.

“When we’re out there, we’re by ourselves, we’re fighting these battles by ourselves, and what they do, they go try to help other countries that have nothing to do with what we’re going through in our own place.”

“The mayor, the governor…. Like Eric Adams, our mayor, going to Puerto Rico,’’ Gomes told the Post when asked for clarification on who she meant by “they.”

New York politicians have been preoccupied with worrying about post-hurricane relief in Puerto Rico while Gomes was left wandering for 20 minutes after her attack in a known dangerous subway stop where officers should have been stationed to make sure it didn’t happen in the first place.

Attacker killed his own grandmother

The man who ferociously attacked Gomes out of the blue—kicking her in the face repeatedly and leaving her bleeding profusely on the subway station floor—is one of the city’s many ticking timebombs.

A clear mental case, he killed his own grandmother, beating and stabbing her, back in 1995 when he was only 14 years old.

As a black man, Waheed Foster is exactly the type of person “equity” obsessed pro-crime leftists are eager to let off the hook no matter their behavior.

But as is often the case, the people who suffer from that racist perversion of justice end up being minorities like Gomes who is likely to lose vision in her right eye permanently.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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