Commuters are in an uproar over one stunning act of willful incompetency

The bottom line is that there has not been a more dangerous time to live in the United States in recent memory.

Every community has been overwhelmed with crime, and there is no end in sight.

But now commuters are in an uproar over this stunning act of willful incompetency.

Criminals are finding new ways to make a quick buck and law-abiding citizens are paying the price

As it stands, just about every single community in America is suffering from out-of-control crime.

One city, in particular, that has seen an astronomical rise in crime over the last couple of years is Baltimore, Maryland.

One of the most visible crimes that has taken over the city is known by locals as “squeegee kids”.

This scam involves people running up to a stopped car and wiping the windshields of the car with a squeegee, typically stolen from a gas station, and then demanding a “tip” for the work.

And more often than not, the squeegee “kids” (who are rarely young children, and usually teens and adults) get very angry and violent when they do not receive their ransom.

This all boiled over in July when a fed-up commuter by the name of Timothy Reynolds confronted a mob of these squeegee criminals with a baseball bat, resulting in him being shot and killed.

This murder – and another caught-on-camera attack later that month – prompted city-wide outrage, and police departments promised to crack down on these thugs.

The only problem is, the city is not willing to do anything about it.

Fox 45 Baltimore reported “Mayor Brandon Scott has said he will not authorize the police to clear the corners, despite a current law on the books prohibiting squeegee kids from their behavior.”

Scott insisted that squeegeeing is the same as panhandling.

And Scott says that because the Supreme Court ruled years ago that panhandling is protected free speech, these street thugs are not breaking any laws, and as a result he has no plans to enforce the law prohibiting it that’s currently on the books and clear up the corners where these people congregate.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Holding a pan or a cup in your hand for people to put money into if they choose is one thing.

Harassing people on the street or performing an unwanted “service” to their vehicles are another.

Citizens are outraged by this inaction, and police are finding their hands tied over the matter.

What the people of Baltimore should do next

It is hard to feel bad for the people of Baltimore.

For years they have elected far-Left extremists to positions of power, so they should not be surprised in the least when things go to hell.

The only thing the people of Baltimore can do at this point is to avoid driving in the city, locking their car doors at all times, and voting the pro-crime crazies who are destroying their city out of office.

This backwards stance on crime exemplified by the city of Baltimore is just one example of how many liberal cities have decided to side with criminals over law-abiding taxpayers.

If this is allowed to continue then Baltimore will become nothing more than a hollowed-out pile of rubble, more so than it is now.

Nobody should ever feel threatened while they are simply driving to work or driving to wherever else they need to be.

Police should be able to hold people accountable for attempting to scam drivers like this.

If not, then people will continue to be shot and harassed and the city of Baltimore will be entirely to blame.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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