Colorado Dems vote to do something insanely stupid amid homicide spike

That Democrats are soft on crime as a general rule is hardly a surprise.

The far-Left aggressively pushed to defund the police until it nearly lost them control of Congress.

Now, a pair of Colorado Democrats have voted to do something insanely stupid amid a homicide spike.

Denver has experienced a marked uptick in the number of homicides in recent years.

In 2020, the number of killings climbed to 95, up from 63 the year before and in 2021, Denver experienced 96 homicides, a number not seen for four decades.

But that hasn’t stopped a radical pair of Democrats running for Congress in Colorado from voting to weaken the state’s penalty for felony murder.

State legislators Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Caraveo are both looking for a promotion from the state legislature to the U.S. Congress, but both backed a bill that made felony murder in Colorado a Class 2 felony instead of Class 1. 

Now, as a result of their efforts, criminals convicted of felony murder in the state can no longer be sentenced to life without parole and instead may receive just 16 years in prison.

Ed Brady is Deputy Chief of Police in Arvada, Colorado and believes criminals “have been emboldened” by Democrats in the state legislature, saying, “I think all of the efforts that have been led by our state legislature, by our governor, to be more offender-focused and less victim-focused—that has caused crime to increase greatly. When our state becomes more concerned about the impacts of crime on the offender than they do the victim, that’s how we become a state without a control on crime.”

Brady is running for sheriff in Jefferson County, a northwest Denver suburb on a platform of returning to law and order.

Governor Jared Polis (D) signed the Pettersen and Caraveo-backed bill in April 2021.

Before the change, a criminal who caused the death of a person could be charged with Class 1 felony murder and sentenced to life in prison even if that criminal did not directly kill the victim. 

But now, a criminal who fits that description cannot face life behind bars, and that’s something that Brady calls “concerning.”

In just over three months, Pettersen will face Republican Erik Aadland in Colorado’s Seventh Congressional District, while Caraveo will face GOP challenger Barbara Kirkmeyer in the eighth district in the general election.

Aadland says he would never have voted to reduce Colorado’s felony murder penalty, a decision that he said “undermines the leverage that law enforcement has.”

Aadland added, “Denver is now number one in the country for auto theft, it’s number one in the country for bank robberies. This is because progressives are soft on crime. We’ve got to fix the government at every level to hold people accountable, uphold the rule of law, enforce the law, and support law enforcement.”

The ostensibly non-partisan Cook Political Report rates Colorado’s 7th Congressional District as “Likely Democrat” – but still potentially competitive for the November election while the 8th Congressional District is rated as a pure toss-up.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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