BLM rejoices while citizens cower in fear in this liberal hellscape

After the race riots that destroyed many cities in 2020, many cities decided to adapt their criminal justice systems to favor crime and criminals.

The results have been predictably devastating, and more people than ever are being murdered, raped, and victimized as a result.

To add insult to injury, BLM is rejoicing while citizens cower in fear in this liberal hellscape.

Crime has gotten out of control in America

Following the death of career criminal George Floyd, many cities across the nation felt compelled to upend their already crippled criminal justice systems.

One policy in particular that became in vogue amongst leftists was the Defund the Police movement demanded by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists.

It now seems the whole BLM organization was one giant grift but that didn’t stop Democrat politicians from bending the knee to their demands.
Seattle, Washington was one of many Democrat-dominated cities that sheepishly followed suit.

Predictably, the results of handcuffing the Seattle police department have been catastrophic.

Not only is crime completely out of control, but the city is also seeing the lowest police staff in 30 years, Fox 13 Seattle reports.

Marco Monteblanco, president of the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police, suggested the reason in an appearance on Fox & Friends this week, saying officers are “frustrated, and they’re leaving their departments in droves.”

It is hard to blame people for leaving the force or not wanting to join in the first place.

After all, why would anybody want to sign up for a job that constantly puts their life at risk while being demonized by the public, the government, and the courts.

Cops in Seattle and other Democrat-dominated cities cannot, or will not, do their jobs half of the time given the reluctance of city prosecutors and district attorneys and to hold criminals accountable for most crimes.

But it is not just Seattle that is seeing cops leave the force in droves, most other major cities are seeing the same thing happen in their cities.

In New York City for example, over 1,000 police officers have filed to leave the force, some of whom are retiring before their pensions kick in.

That is how bad things have gotten, and the Left is entirely to blame.

Police need to be able to do their jobs or else society will collapse

Massive police departures and corresponding massive spikes in crime prove just how sinister the BLM agenda really is.

This is all part of the plan to completely destroy America, which has always been the goal of the far left.

If America ever hopes to recover, then serious changes need to be made.

First and foremost, voters need to get rid of the socialists who are completely destroying America one city council at a time.

And then people need to demand police departments and prosecutors vanquish crime from America’s streets.

This means also striking laws from the books that tolerate crime in the first place.

Law-abiding citizens should never have to sit at home cowering in fear because they are afraid to go to the grocery store and back.

The good news is that many liberals are becoming more and more aware of just how terrible these policies are.

Just look at the recall election of a Soros-backed prosecutor Chesa Boudin in San Francisco earlier this summer. If it can happen in San Francisco it can happen anywhere.

This November, voters need to send a clear message to terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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