All hell broke loose after Donald Trump endorsed a blue state Republican

Donald Trump is stirring the pot with one controversial blue state endorsement.

Now all hell is breaking loose as Democrats and Republicans react to the surprise endorsement.

And Joe Biden is dreading the idea that Trump’s latest endorsement could soon make his life miserable.

The doctor Oprah Winfrey turned into one of the biggest medical celebrities ever just got the nod of approval from Donald Trump.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is angling to represent Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.

He’s one of numerous Republicans vying to fill the slot left open by retiring Senator Pat Toomey.

As a critical swing state, all eyes will be on Pennsylvania in November as Republicans try to maintain control over the Senate seat.

Toomey is the only Republican to win multiple statewide elections in the Keystone State since President Barack Obama was elected back in 2009.

After Trump made the surprise endorsement over the weekend, all hell broke loose with leftists demanding that Oprah denounce Oz and Republicans wondering who is advising Donald Trump on his endorsement decisions.

Republicans are torn over whether to be ecstatic a celebrity as big as Dr. Oz is willing to side with Republicans against the leftist COVID cult – or fear he’ll turn into another RINO mucking around in Washington, D.C.

Pro-life advocates at LifeSiteNews unearthed audio from a NYC radio show “The Breakfast Club” where Oz slammed the pro-life movement in 2019.

During the interview he predicted a “a big sucking sound of businesses leaving” Alabama after the state banned abortions at six weeks.

According to Oz, a baby’s heartbeat isn’t “real” early on.

“And the other thing is this whole thing about heart beating. I mean, they’re electrical changes at six weeks, but the heart’s not beating,” Oz said. “If you were to say, starting [from] when we can hear the heart, like when the heart’s really doing something, that’d be different. That’s not six weeks, though.”

But pro-life doctors absolutely disagree.

According to the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “By 21 days after conception, the heart starts beating and pumping blood; by 30 days, arms, legs, and brain begin to form; and by 35 days, mouth, nose, and ears begin to develop.”

The celebrity doctor also hosted a program about transgendered children back in 2010 that had a doctor pushing gender change on young children credits.

Dr. Robert Garofalo credits his appearance on Oz’s show with helping his practice take off.

Following his appearance on the show in 2010, Garofalo ended up creating a center to push gender changes on children as young as four years old.

There’s no doubt that if elected Dr. Oz would serve as a thorn in Joe Biden’s side, but it seems likely he could cause just as much – or more – trouble for conservatives as Blue State Republicans often do.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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