A violent shoe snatcher proves how far one blue city has gone downhill

Life in blue states is becoming downright dangerous.

Thanks to pro-crime Democrats, criminals know they can get away with almost anything.

Now a violent shoe snatcher has proven exactly how far one blue city has gone downhill.

Normal life in New York City is rapidly disintegrating thanks to woke forces that have hijacked the Democrat Party.

Leftists seem to have a bone to pick with logic in every form insisting on everything from the idea that there are more than two genders to rewriting history.

And one bit of mind-bending stupidity is making it so citizens in big blue cities can’t even walk down the street without constantly looking over their shoulders.

One such incident was caught on video recently.

Man on motorcycle bowled over by mugger

A man riding a motorcycle stopped at a fruit stand in the Fordham Heights area when he was suddenly bowled over by a mugger who came running across the street at top speed.

The two struggled wildly while onlookers stared and didn’t even bother to attempt helping the 42-year-old victim.

Police say the mugger snatched the victim’s motorcycle key, helmet, and sneakers before tearing away.

Police are still looking for the suspect who took full advantage of the on-going pandemic hysteria in the city and managed to blend in with the crowd while wearing a black mask.

But whether police managed to catch him or not is likely pointless.

Leftist District Attorneys across the nation have been undoing the efforts of hardworking police officers on a regular basis in the name of “equity.”

Of course, their misguided effort to manipulate data and make sure minorities aren’t arrested more than their white counterparts has backfired massively as criminals realize they can get away with almost anything short of murder.

Emboldened criminals run roughshod over neighborhoods; hurt minority communities

As a result, poor members of minority groups have been disproportionately harmed as emboldened criminals run roughshod over their communities.

A recent study shows the city’s crime rate increased by a jaw-dropping 31% in July this year according to New York Police Department data.

The number of murders committed in July this year was 47 compared to 35 in July 2021.

Robberies were also up by a shocking 37% with 1,730 robberies in July this year compared to 469 last year.

The sudden spike in crime follows “criminal justice reform” efforts in 2020 that eliminated bail for misdemeanors and even some felonies.

But the city’s residents are discovering that no good comes from pampering its criminals.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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