A police officer was brutally attacked in this major city after responding to a routine traffic call

After years of disgusting, anti-cop vitriol from the radical Left, now is the most dangerous time to be a police officer in recent history.

For proof, just look at the recent brazen attacks on police officers across the nation.

But this one attack on a police officer is one of the most shocking attacks on law enforcement this liberal area has seen in recent memory.

From Los Angeles, California to Portland, Maine, law enforcement is being attacked from all sides.

Not only are many police departments seeing their already stretched budgets being slashed, but harmful rhetoric from BLM terrorists and the radical Left have inspired violent attacks against law enforcement.

In fact, for many scumbags, it is a badge of honor to harm or even kill a cop.

This does not seem to bother the far-left, who for the last couple of years have referred to brave law enforcement officers as “pigs and bastards” – and that is on a good day.

These anti-law enforcement attitudes are prevalent in more liberal-leaning areas, especially in major cities.

But just the other day, a police officer was ambushed in such a barbaric way that it is gaining national attention.

In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, which is located just west of Denver, Colorado, a police officer was stabbed multiple times after responding to a routine traffic call.

According to reports, the suspect ran through a chain-link fence at a local RV park with a U-Haul. As a result, two officers were called to investigate.

When the two law enforcement officers approached the vehicle, one of the officers was ambushed by the crazed suspect. Fortunately, the other cop was able to disarm the suspect and put him into custody.

It turns out that the U-Haul was stolen, and on top of those charges, the suspect is being charged with attempted murder and first-degree assault.

Thankfully, it appears as if the officer who was stabbed will recover without any serious long-term injuries.

It is a miracle he was not killed like so many other law enforcement officers have been this year for just doing their jobs.

This vicious attack highlights the out-of-control crime and violence that has swept the streets of most communities across America.

And without a doubt, the Denver area has been hit the worst due to the decades of radical far-left politics that often go after police departments.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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