A former Democrat reveals the ugly truth about who is turning blue cities into hellholes

There’s a mass exodus from blue states.

Residents are fleeing increasingly dire living situations in states run by leftists.

Now a former Democrat is revealing the ugly truth about who is turning blue cities into hellholes.

According to a recent poll, a stunning 40% of New York residents are desperate to leave the state.

Meanwhile the city of San Francisco is struggling to buy anything due to the state boycotting any state that enacts pro-life laws, anti-LGBT laws, or has what leftists consider voter “suppression” laws.

In a recent interview with Dan Bongino, Leo Terrell came on to talk about what it’s like to live in a state with leftists at the helm.

The Californian says his state is “so blue you can’t see straight.”

And he says citizens there are kept in that leftist fog by one powerful force.

“The reason why people will not wake up in San Francisco is because the left-wing media protects San Francisco and California. I live here there is no coverage of telling the truth other than listening to you on radio,” Terrell said. “What you have here in California is a liberal media that’s hiding and concealing everything that’s going on in this horrible, horrible state where crime is up. No schools are open, they’re still wearing masks at LA Unified School District.”

Terrell also pointed out that crime and homelessness is rampant in San Francisco, but there’s still a disconnect between the miserable lives people are leading and doing what it would take to hold their leaders accountable.

“They don’t vet the people in power in California,” Terrell said. “New York, same situation . . . You mentioned it before on your radio show and TV in New York. Hello, New York Times for waking up about Hunter Biden’s laptop. The bottom line is the media is in bed with the Democrats. And we’re not going to ever find the truth.”

The civil rights attorney and former Democrat says Republicans everywhere have reason to be nervous.

California’s horrible blue state policies will spread as Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be auditioning for a bigger role in politics.

“I asked you to tell me how in the world a governor who was subject to a recall, Gavin Newsom . . . is going to be a shoo in for reelection,” Terrell said. “And when you look at that Democratic bench, get worried there because he might be a nominee for the White House on the Democratic ticket. What I’m saying is there’s no accountability in California. This state is so blue. You just can’t see straight.”

Last year, so many people moved out of California the state lost a Congressional district for the first time ever.

We can only hope the blue fog will clear enough so people in America’s biggest cities will start standing up to their crooked elected officials.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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