A career criminal was released on shockingly low bail. What he did next left jaws on the floor

When it comes to criminal justice, the absolute worst thing you can do is allow a violent career criminal to be let back onto the streets to commit more crimes.

The entire point of prisons is to prevent this from happening.

Recently, a career criminal was released on shockingly low bail. What he did next left jaws on the floor.

Following the riots of 2020, our nation was changed for the worse.

Crime is through the roof, and more people are dying from homicides than at any other time in recent memory.

Other crimes such as theft, sexual assault, and vandalism are also through the roof.

The cause of this spike in crime can be traced back to the “reforms” made following the riots of 2020.

In most major cities across the nation, criminal justice systems were completely upended by the radical socialists running these cities.

Bail systems were the first to go, and in many cities these days, it is nearly impossible to lock up repeat offenders.

In many cases, criminals are apprehended and then given little to no bail, meaning they can walk right back onto the streets.

Predictably, this has created a state of absolute chaos in most urban centers across the nation.

An excellent example of the stupidity of these “reforms” happened just the other day in New York City.

Rameek Smith, a 25-year-old with an extensive criminal record including robbery and illegal possession of a firearm, was roaming the streets until he was spotted by cops with a firearm.

Once the officers engaged him he started firing, injuring one officer.

Fortunately, the officers were able to fire back and kill the violent thug.

This incident is an excellent example of why letting career criminals back on the street is a terrible idea.

For some reason, leftists believe that by letting these thugs back into the population, you are somehow making the community a more accepting place.

In reality, these policies cause nearly every measurable crime statistic to go up.

Nobody benefits from these laws except violent criminals.

If cities like New York ever hope to take back their streets, then eliminating these disastrous pro-crime policies must be their first step.

If they don’t then crime will only continue to go up and more people will die.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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