A camera crew was set to film in broad daylight. What happened next proves no one in this city is safe

Ever since the riots of 2020, and idiotic reforms that followed, our nation has seen an unprecedented uptick in crime.

This is especially true in major cities in blue states.

In one instance, a camera crew was set to film in broad daylight. What happened next proves no one in this city is safe.

When you think about dirty, crime-infested, radical leftists cities, San Francisco comes to mind.

At one point San Francisco was a picturesque, booming hub for the west coast.

But after decades of radical leftists politics, the streets are lined with heroin needles and hordes of drug-induced vagabonds.

For years crime has been rampant in San Francisco, but ever since the riots of 2020, crime has spiraled out of control.

That is in part due to the city’s new policy of not enforcing most “minor crimes” as they call it.

This includes shoplifting, drug use, defecating in the streets, and more.

San Francisco is now a glorified toilet bowl where businesses do not dare open up shop.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are in San Francisco, you are a potential victim.

This was no more apparent than the other day when the unthinkable happened to a camera crew who was filming in San Francisco.

In the once-thriving neighborhood of Twin peaks, a film crew was robbed at gunpoint.

The thieves were able to load up all of the film crew’s equipment and take off.

It is rumored that there is video footage of the attack, but the footage is likely to make very little difference at this point.

The sad truth is, crimes like this one are part of ordinary life in the bay area.

Not even a film crew can do their work in peace without a group of low lives taking advantage of them.

This is the sort of horrifying encounter that occurs when you refuse to lock up criminals for their evil ways.

The city council of San Francisco and the California state government are 100% responsible for this crime due to their soft-on-crime stance.

If something is not done about this sort of crime, then California will become unlivable in a matter of time, if it hasn’t already.

Moving forward, as long as radical Democrats are calling the shots, crime will continue surging in the Bay area.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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