Winsome Sears shuts down leftist race baiters with one incredible line

Leftists like to use minority groups for their own political purposes.

But Virginia’s new black Lieutenant Governor isn’t buying what they’re selling.

And she shut down leftist race baiters with one incredible line.

Democrats love to hate on their own country.

Crying “racism” is one of their favorite tricks in any situation.

But Sears recently took down their arguments with one incredible line.

“I am here in the former capital of the Confederacy, for goodness sake,” she said during a recent podcast interview. “I am second in command. Second in command. I’m a black woman. I am not first-generation American.”

While Democrats like to pretend they’re all for helping women, immigrants, and people from minority groups succeed, Winsome Sears is the kind of principled conservative who can drive them batty.

Sears was born in Jamaica and moved to the US – legally – when she was six years old.

She told the host of “Problematic Women” that it was a tough adjustment to land in a new country and culture as a young child, but she ultimately decided to stay in America for the same reason her father brought her in the first place – it’s still a land of opportunity.

When she was in college her world fell apart when her grandmother in Jamaica died.

“And when she died, I just felt like my world had crashed. There was no reason to live,” Sears said. “And it just so happens that there was a Jet magazine with an ad for the Marine Corps on my mother’s coffee table in Jamaica. And I thought to myself, ‘That’s what I need. I need discipline. I need a reason to live. And if anybody can do it, the Marine Corps can.’”

Sears’ old-fashioned understanding that opportunity is usually dressed up in overalls took her far.

She maintains there is no other country like ours.

“As I said, I’m a black woman, immigrant, and what else can you say to me that would say, well, ‘racism, racism, racism’? How do you explain me? I’m not an outlier,” Sears said. “I’m not a one-off. The opportunities are here.”

Sears, who is a big opponent of Critical Race Theory, says it’s important to understand the problems in the past while appreciating all the opportunities in front of Americans.

“But the constant black versus white versus Asian versus Hispanic—who wants to live like that? No. So, we need to teach our children all of history—the good, the bad, the ugly—because one thing we learned from history, as someone said, is that we don’t learn from history,” Sears said. “But then, we’re going to keep going, we’re going to keep striving, because our children need a hope and a future. And to keep looking back, there is nothing back there. The future is ahead.”

Sears is more than sick of black people being accused of “not being black” because they refused to join the Democrats’ “I’m a victim” pity party.

Earlier this month, she posted on Twitter after a black Virginia Delegate, Jijalon Cordoza, was barred from joining the State Assembly’s Black Caucus.

“We’re trying to start a new caucus. Name suggestions?” Sears wrote. “The You’re Not Black Enough Caucus, The No More Division Caucus, The Welcome Caucus, The Let’s Do Away With Caucuses Caucus, The FRIEND Caucus #Virginia #inclusion #everforward.”

No doubt, she will continue to have her fun calling out Democrats on their hypocrisy over the next few years.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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