United Nations pencil pushers are quaking in their boots after accidentally humiliating Joe Biden

Democrat elites usually love the United Nations and the U.N. loves them right back.

But that relationship is showing cracks.

Now some United Nations pencil pushers are quaking in their boots after they accidentally humiliated Joe Biden.

Ukraine remains a top priority for the Democrats and the international Left.

President Joe Biden has made it clear he expects American families to continuously make financial sacrifices in the name of helping Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, many Americans live in disaster zones of their own. 

But Biden and some of his top local government allies just got humiliated by a group of United Nations pencil pushers over Ukraine.

Putin’s gas tax and Putin’s inflation

President Biden blames the painful price of gasoline on Russian Premier Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The President has also tried to blame Putin and Russia for insane inflation rates here in the United States. 

Gas prices and inflation were already soaring due to Biden administration policies before the conflict in eastern Europe. 

But President Biden expects American workers to continue suffering while he pushes through his Big Green agenda and pours tens of billions of dollars into Ukraine relief packages. 

He believes Americans will see the images of war-torn Ukraine and gladly sacrifice the needs of their own families. 

Biden’s crime wave

However, for Americans living in some of America’s biggest blue cities, life is more dangerous than it is on the streets of Kyiv. 

In fact, several major U.S. metropolises have murder rates exceeding the death toll levels in war-tattered Ukraine. 

According to numbers recently published by the United Nations Human Rights office, with a population of about 41,167,300, Ukraine’s civilian death rate is 13.12 per 100,000 people.

The U.N. pencil pushers who produced those numbers are surely worried about what they put out after they were compared to several U.S. cities’ murder rates. 

There have been more than 215 homicides in Baltimore so far in 2022, according to the Baltimore Sun. 

With a population of 576,498, that’s a rate of 37.3 murders per 100,000 people. 

That’s more than triple the rate in Ukraine. 

And then there’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Windy City. 

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Windy City is currently sitting at a 2022 murder rate of about over 14.8 per 100,000 – more than a point and a half higher than what Ukrainian citizens are experiencing with an active war in their country.

The common denominator

And what do mayors Lightfoot and Brandon Scott of Baltimore have in common? 

They’re Democrats, just like President Joe Biden. 

And their cities also have George Soros-implanted Democrat District Attorneys in place – Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore and Kim Foxx of Chicago. 

The fact is, using pre-pandemic data, 52 U.S. cities have worse homicide rates than Ukraine’s civilian death rate. 

And the reality may be much worse once more up-to-date data is available. 

Crime in the United States has skyrocketed since 2019, meaning that there are likely many more cities that are deadlier than Ukraine.

When will President Biden show the same level of care for the residents in those American cities that he shows the people of Ukraine? 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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