This state is doing one thing to unvaccinated workers that may quickly spread nationwide

The leftist campaign to create two classes in America continues.

State employees in one part of the country are being penalized for their lack of blind compliance.

And this state is doing one thing to unvaccinated workers that may quickly spread nationwide.

Employees of Nevada – and their children and other dependents – will pay for their refusal to get the jab.

Nevada state employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine will be charged an extra $55 a month for themselves and $175 per month extra for each unvaccinated dependent.

That means an employee with a spouse and two college aged kids who refuse to get the jab would have to pay an extra $6,240 per year – or more than 8.5% of the state’s median salary of $71,976

As a blue state where the only two high population counties are predominantly Democrat, there’s plenty of pushback against leftist policies from rural areas.

In fact, KUNR Public radio reported in 2019 that “in recent years, that growth has led to some backlash among conservative Nevadans who see the influx of Californians as the number one reason the state has begun to shift from solid red to purple and, now, blue.”

While Washoe County in the northwest corner of the state and Clark County at the southeast point are controlled by Democrats, the rest of the large western state is solidly red.

In recent weeks, members of the news media have been wringing their hands over the “low” vaccination rates in rural areas.

It’s super entertaining that some of those supposedly ignorant rural holdouts include about 1,040 of the state’s higher education employees.

What’s not funny is how they’re being treated.

Before you transfer your college-age kid to Great Basin College in Elko or Western Nevada College in Carson City, you should know that professors who refuse to tow the leftist party line are in the process of being kicked out.

The colleges plan to spend the next couple of months firing about 1,200 employees or convince them to get the jab.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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