These “smash and grab” criminals in California were stopped dead in their tracks by one jewelry store owner

In spite of Governor Gavin Newsom’s lip service about stopping crime, things are only getting worse in California.

Smash and grab thefts continue to skyrocket.

But one jewelry store owner stopped some thieves dead in their tracks.

California has been doing everything it can to push conservatives out of the state and empower criminals.

Conservatives, including a huge number of first responders, took the hint and have been going to red states, effectively leaving leftists to their own devices.

Now, the world they created is making life miserable for everyone remaining in the Golden State.

In fact, crime in California is getting so awful, journalists are almost ready to laud a jewelry store owner as a hero for packing heat.

You can almost feel the leftist pain radiating off the page as news reports note that a jewelry store owner who pulled a gun on would-be thieves “pulled his permitted concealed weapon.”

The moment was captured on surveillance video and is incredibly satisfying in an era when newscasts are filled with criminals wielding crowbars while customers and store owners cower nearby in fear.

It seems after a concentrated effort to destroy the state with “progressive” nonsense like “defund the police” leftists are even reaching a breaking point, and some might even be pushed to grow up and become law and order conservatives.

Even so, old habits die hard.

The businessman who made a bold move to save his livelihood by pulling a gun on the entitled criminals, Usman Bhatti, is painfully apologetic.

“It was a bad experience, I mean everybody is giving me a thumbs up. I mean, I don’t really feel good about it,” Bhatti said in a local news interview.

But unless they want to give up and turn California into something worse than Mexico’s cartel-ruled wasteland, Democrats in the blues state are going to have to grow a collective backbone.

Supposedly, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta are working on a “three-part plan including bolstering local law enforcement response, ensuring prosecutors hold perpetrators accountable, and getting guns and drugs off the streets.”

But so far this year, crime is only getting worse.

Even in the mall where Bhatti scared off the criminals by pulling his pistol on them, criminals returned a few days later and stripped a different jewelry store of its stock.

Democrats can blame conservatives all they want, but as the nation becomes increasingly divided it’s obvious where Americans are able to live the good life – and it’s not in the crime-infested ruins Democrats created out of the paradise that California used to represent.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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