The Biden administration just took out Gavin Newsom’s achilles heel but it’s the middle class that could get destroyed 

Democrats made a lot of outrageous promises to get themselves elected over the past decade. 

They’ve painted themselves into a corner and the infighting is getting vicious. 

And the Biden administration just took out Gavin Newsom’s achilles heel but it’s the middle class that could get destroyed.

Last year California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law banning the sale of gasoline engines in the Golden State by 2035. 

Only days later, state employees were asking citizens to refrain from charging their electric cars and limit their use of AC due to the electrical grid becoming overwhelmed. 

Considering their supposed shared goals, you’d think the next move for Democrats would be to strengthen the electrical grid. 

Instead, Joe Biden is doing his level best to kneecap the existing power infrastructure. 

Joe Biden’s EPA just made a move that could leave California’s electric cars stranded

New guidelines from the EPA are mandating that power plants across the United States reduce emissions by a staggering 90%.

The proposed new rules have some loopholes for emergency situations, but by requiring power companies to recapture the vast majority of emissions the federal government is triggering massive system upgrades Americans will end up shouldering as electricity costs skyrocket. 

According to the Institute for Energy Research (IER), the so-called “good neighbor” rule is the Biden Regime’s latest effort to wipe out an entire domestic energy sector. 

“This rule is but one of many the Biden Administration is planning to roll out in pursuit of its quest to kill coal plants in the United States,” the IER explained in an online update. 

90% EPA rule will crush cement, coal, and . . . EV charging 

With Bidenflation already making a middle-class lifestyle increasingly difficult for Americans to maintain, this forced plant upgrade could wipe out smaller power plants. 

It also poses a serious threat to manufacturing plants across the nation that depend heavily on electricity. 

The IER pointed out that the cement industry is already sounding the alarm over the proposed rules. 

“Cement-making is highly energy-intensive, which is one of the reasons its manufacture has largely shifted to China, where they burn coal for energy without restraint,” the organization explained. “The bipartisan infrastructure law expects substantially increased use of building materials manufactured in the United States–a policy objective seemingly at cross purposes with the new EPA rule.”

Ironically, these new regulations come on the heels of the CHIPS Act which has been approved to inject $250 billion into the semiconductor industry in hopes of increasing domestic production of computer chips as China eyes Taiwan—the world’s source of most computer memory. 

Considering that computer chip manufacturing is an energy intensive process the new EPA rules are also likely to hamstring that industry before companies even break ground on their new manufacturing plants. 

In fact, with the Biden regime in charge, it seems America doesn’t even need enemies to make life miserable. 

And Californians—who get about half of their electricity from natural gas—are likely to find themselves choosing between charging their electric cars for their long commute and cooling their homes. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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