Texas’ governor just made a shocking announcement that has blue state governors squirming

Leftist woke ideas don’t work in the real world. 

But blue state governors insist on sticking to their awful ideas—and try to dodge the consequences. 

Now Texas’ governor just made a shocking announcement that has leftist governors squirming.

Joe Biden’s administration has illegally opened the United States’ border—and there’s a tidal wave of illegal aliens pouring in. 

With the largest stretch of southern border of any US state, Texas communities are bearing the brunt of the chaos caused by Joe Biden’s reckless policies. 

But a few months ago, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott hatched a plan to give Democrats a bit of “reality therapy.”

He started shipping illegal aliens to Washington, D.C. and Biden’s home state of Delaware. 

Their reaction is predictably entertaining. 

It only took a few loads of illegals arriving before Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was throwing fits and demanding that Joe Biden call in the military for help. 

“This just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders up in the Northeast who think ‘Well, that border crisis created by Joe Biden, that’s fine as long as Texas has to deal with it,’” Abbott told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “But as soon as they have to deal with the real consequences of Biden’s border caused [sic] crisis, they’re up in arms, calling for the National Guard, as you point out, dealing with just a tiny fraction of what we have to deal with every single day.”

Abbott believes he’s finally found a winning strategy—and he’s planning to double down on efforts to deliver the repercussions of leftist policies to Democrats’ front doors. 

“We’re gonna keep sending those buses up there until they fully understand,” Abbott said. “And most importantly, Sean, until the Biden administration does its job to enforce the laws concerning the border.”

Currently, Abbott says Biden’s Border Patrol is processing paperwork for illegals and dropping them off in small border communities. 

“We’re helping out these small local communities by sending even more buses to these communities and putting these new migrants on the buses and sending them to Washington DC.,” Abbott explained. “And we’re looking at other cities to send them to.”

With that threat hanging out there, blue state governors and mayors may want to rethink their position on Joe Biden’s blatantly illegal—and dangerous—open border policy. 

Republicans are likely to step up their efforts to make sure Democrats feel the repercussions of how their terrible ideas play out in the real world. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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