Shocking slaying of a beloved star proves this Democrat-run city is in decay

Democrats are the defenders of criminals.

Time and time again they focus more on protecting law-breakers than law-abiding citizens.

And one shocking slaying of a beloved star proves this Democrat-run city is in decay.

Pro-crime policies are ruining California.

Citizens are being subjected to repeat criminals back on the streets, no punishment for property crimes, and homeless people shambling about.

Despite Democrat narratives about housing costs, the overwhelming majority of people living on the street are battling mental illness, substance abuse addiction, or both.

Now a felon in Westminster, CA—roughly 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles—stabbed and killed former NASCAR driver Bobby East at a gas station.

The New York Times reported that “former NASCAR driver Robert East, known as Bobby, was fatally stabbed…and the suspect in the stabbing was killed on Friday in ‘an officer-involved shooting.’ According to a statement from the Westminster Police Department on Saturday, officers responded just before 6 p.m. on Wednesday to a stabbing at a gas station in Westminster, a city in Orange County about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles…The police had named Trent William Milsap, 28, from Anaheim, Calif., as the suspect in the stabbing. Mr. Milsap was on parole for armed robbery at the time, they said, and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in an unrelated parole violation. His motive was unclear, the police said.”

These are the criminals that are roaming the streets.

Sadly, these types of senseless attacks have become common in California.

UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer was stabbed and killed while working at a high-end furniture store in West Los Angeles by a homeless criminal.

More notably, Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage by a deranged crowd member who had a knife.

The Times added that “officers found Mr. East ‘suffering from a stab wound to the chest,’ the authorities said. They rendered first aid until paramedics arrived and transferred him to the University of California, Irvine Medical Center, they said, adding that Mr. East later died from his injuries. He was 38, they said…Mr. East was a resident of San Dimas, 30 miles east of Los Angeles. He began racing at the age of 9, and went on to win three United States Auto Club national championships and race for NASCAR.”

These are the types of stories that do not trigger national outrage for the press.

The so-called mainstream media only pay attention when deaths are politically expedient for the Left.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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