San Francisco just did something insanely cruel that may actually help

After years of far-Left politics, San Francisco has become a complete and total hellscape. 

For years now crime has gotten completely out of control, and in order to turn the tide urgent measures must be implemented. 

But no one expected San Francisco would do something so insanely cruel that might actually help their crime problem. 

At one point in American history, the entire world looked up to San Francisco as a picturesque hub of trade, commerce, and innovation. 

In today’s world, the exact opposite is true. 

Decades of liberal politics have reduced this shining city upon a hill into a crime-infested hell hole. 

Go down any street in San Francisco, or any of the cities surrounding it, and you will experience drug-induced bum rantings, human feces, and heroin needles scattered around the ground. 

This is not a city you want to spend much time in, especially if you are alone. 

Following the riots of 2020, the crime only got worse as the socialists who run San Francisco decided to adopt a pro-crime stance. 

Nowadays, shoplifting is effectively legalized, and all other crimes are sparsely enforced. 

The good news is that the people of San Francisco have had enough. 

This was evidenced in the recall elections earlier this summer that saw the pro-crime District Attorney Chesa Boudin recalled. 

And now, San Francisco is starting to at least try and get a grip on crime, but as you can imagine they are going about it the wrong way. 

For proof just look at what the city of San Francisco did to Viet Nguyen, a man who is preparing to open a Vietnamese restaurant. 

Just recently, Nguyen received a fine from the city for graffiti that unknown criminals spray painted all over his business. 

In San Francisco’s defense, this fine is for good reason.  

The broken windows theory of public policy says that if any area has noticeable signs of deterioration, i.e. graffiti, broken windows, etc., then crime will spawn around that area and so on. 

This broken windows theory explains a huge part of why San Francisco has seen such a massive surge in crime in recent years. 

Years of neglect and limited law enforcement have enabled and emboldened criminals to do whatever the hell they want. 

In fact, San Francisco has had the graffiti ordinance on the books for years, but didn’t bother enforcing it for two years since they forced so many businesses to shutter their doors over the Covid-19 hysteria.

At the same time, city officials became even more lax on vandals.

That was a recipe for disaster.

So although the fine towards Nguyen shows a change in policy, San Francisco is doing it the wrong way. 

Enforcing the fines is backwards and cruel if the city is not going to prosecute the vandals. 

The city should focus first on punishing the criminals that keep vandalizing Nguyen’s storefront, rather than punishing the victim. 

Punishing small business owners is not the right way to get a hold on crime. 

As far as Nguyen is concerned, he should start putting baking spray on his windows so he can just wash the paint off, or consider opening his business somewhere else. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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