Ruth Bader Ginsburg worshipers are furious over this school board’s insult

The far-Left is ensuring that the hits just keep on coming.

Any historical figure that doesn’t perfectly align with the current worldview of the Left is jettisoned in the name of “progress.”

So lefitists who worship Ruth Bader Ginsburg are furious over this school board’s insult.

Woke politics claimed another victim as a New Jersey school kicked a founding father to the curb.

But the move may anger leftists who venerate the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in South Orange, NJ is set to rename itself for Delia Bolden, the first black female high school graduate in the area.

Other choices that didn’t quite make the cut were “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Elementary School” and “New Legacy Elementary School.”

The reason for the renaming is because Jefferson was a slave-holding founding father.

Bolden’s name was included in a list of people with local connections and generic names and, according to the school district, students led the drive to rename their school in her honor.

This claim is dubious though as it’s hard to imagine the average ten-year-old agonizing much over the subject without outside influence.

There are reports that a school board member started the conversation and pushed for change over the summer.

Board member Qawi Telesford stated “I want to make that point that Thomas Jefferson owned over 600 slaves,” at a June meeting on the issue, Fox News reported. “He freed two while he was alive and seven after he died, which basically means I have a 1.5% chance of being free in Thomas Jefferson’s world. So, I am not thankful to him. I am thankful to the people who made sure that I could actually be free and be on the board with you today.”

The school’s superintendent, Ronald Taylor, was just elated by the decision and said, “Seeing the work that the students did, I think, exceeded the expectations of all of us who participated in that conversation, when that was the final outcome, to really engage our students and make this a real-life civics lesson with really strong connections to governance.”

This latest school name change is in keeping with a widening trend.

Renaming schools named in honor of historical figures thought to be malicious or insufficiently moral has become common in the United States, particularly in Democrat strongholds.

Last year, the Waukegan Board of Education in Chicago proposed renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Daniel Webster Middle School after it was deemed that the historical figures either owned slaves or supported slavery. 

Historical figures weren’t perfect, just as those clamoring most loudly for their erasure surely aren’t.

But our entire history is full of flawed people who achieved great things that should be celebrated and remembered. 

Hopefully this trend of cancellation reverses itself sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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