Rioters are stopping this city from cleaning up these disgusting messes

One of the most visible symptoms of the many poorly managed cities across this nation are the hordes of homeless people who wander around looking for their next drug fix.

These people have set up shop in public parks and busy intersections and cities are often doing nothing about it, sometimes even outright encouraging the behavior.

And one city tried finally cleaning up some of these disgusting homeless camps, but ran into unexpected resistance from deranged basement dwellers.

As it stands, the biggest problem most cities are facing is out-of-control homelessness.

After years of city governments approving budgets to expand their welfare state, drug addicts and vagabonds alike have flocked to cities like Denver and Los Angeles to cash in.

The result has been devastating.

In these Democrat-run cities, there are massive homeless camps on nearly every single corner and underneath nearly every single overpass.

These homeless camps are hotbeds for drugs, violence, and sexual assault.

Despite this fact, the radical Left has made it their mission to ensure these bums do not go anywhere.

In Denver for example, a city ordinance was passed reclassifying homeless camps to “urban camping” so that nobody would kick these hobos out of their tents.

Examples of insane laws like this can be found in nearly every major city in America.

Having said that, one city, in particular, is starting to feel the strain of out-of-control homelessness.

Just the other day it was announced that New York City of all places would be clamping down on ever-expanding homeless camps.

This immediately outraged many on the far left who embrace these homeless vagabonds.

In fact, while city workers in the New York City Sanitation Department were doing their best to clean up one homeless camp in particular, they were stopped by some far-left rioters.

It appears as if these crazies actually want homeless camps on every street corner.

The crazy part of this news story is that this camp is not in some slum in the far reaches of the Bronx.

But rather, this camp is located in the East Village, right in the heart of Manhattan.

This story proves why homelessness is getting worse in this nation.

As long as these homeless people have enablers on the far-left who want to give them generous benefits and cozy accommodations, then they will not go anywhere anytime soon.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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