Prized pigs got pulled into a shocking heist in this dangerous crime-ridden city

All across America, crime is raging out of control.

That applies to violent crime, property crime, and every other crime under the sun.

Now prized pigs have been pulled into a shocking heist in this dangerous crime-ridden city.

There is no limit to how far criminals will go to make a quick buck

For 19-year-old Myles Lee and his little brother Chance Lee, raising pigs at their farm in Quincy Washington is their passion.

For years, these brothers worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and raise show pigs to compete at the highly anticipated National Western Stock Show in Denver which happened just last week.

However, things did not go as planned for the Lee brothers in Denver.

According to their mother Tanya Lee who spoke to Denver 7 News, the family arrived in Denver the weekend prior and they “parked right in front of the hotel, under lights thinking we were doing all the right things.”

However, “(We) went out the next morning to find the truck, trailer, the pigs — all of our equipment, gear — everything gone.”

You read that right, the Lee family’s prized show pigs were stolen along with the rest of their expensive gear.

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers is offering $2,000 for any information about this theft.

Fortunately, the Lee family is unharmed, but they are understandably shaken and violated by this brazen theft.

Per Tanya Lee, “When we have animals, we arrive a day or two early just to let the animals rest and settle in after the long travels.”

Myles Lee added, “We put our heart and souls into these animals. You can’t put a price on them.”

Although this theft is very sad, it is not shocking at all when you consider where this robbery occurred.

These days, Denver is a very dangerous city that has been absolutely destroyed by the radical left which has had an iron grip on the city for years.

Denver is just one of many cities destroyed by pro-crime policies

While it might not be prized-pigs getting robbed, what happened to the Lee family is happening to millions of other law-abiding citizens all across America, particularly in crime-ridden cities like Denver.

The truth is, crime is a major problem and it is people like the Lee family who are paying the price for the Democrats’ soft stance on crime.

The scary thing is, things are only getting worse when it comes to crime.

Cities such as Denver, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City are bound and determined to make it easier than ever to be a street thug.

In many of these Democrat-controlled cities, crime is not only going unenforced but rather it is being encouraged.

Over the next several years, expect a major exodus of law-abiding citizens from these major cities as the Democrats who are running them allow these cities to rot.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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