Police in one Democrat stronghold did something that will turn your stomach

Violent crime is dangerously on the rise.

And left-wing politicians are doing little to stop it.

Now police in one Democrat stronghold did something that will turn your stomach.

Democrats are singularly focused on the rare instances of right-wing political violence, and they refuse to condemn the steady violence of the Left.

Cities like Portland have been completely overtaken by leftists.

Antifa terrorists are allowed to operate with impunity.

The cops have been so demoralized by leftist Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler, they essentially stand down when Antifa engages in stochastic terror.

And Antifa organized even more protests after Portland police officers did little to stop them.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted, “With the Portland Police retreating or not intervening when #Antifa carried out four days of violence starting June 24, they’ve now announced another riot for Friday, July 1 at 9 pm starting at Peninsula Park in Portland, Ore.”

Not only did Antifa advertise their violent protests, they followed through on them.

They even attacked journalists.

If a right-wing thug attacked a journalist in a similar manner, the Democrat Media Complex would declare a national emergency.

Worse yet, Antifa violence has forced church services to close down.

CBS local affiliate KOIN 6 News reported that “a local Catholic church has boarded up its windows and canceled a prayer event ahead of an expected demonstration in Peninsula Park Friday night. Father Michael Belinsky, Associate Pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church…[said] his parish had planned to hold a prayer and vigilance event at the church Friday evening with the hopes of keeping the planned demonstration peaceful but said they were forced to cancel the gathering after they received warning from police of potential violence.”

Antifa does whatever it wants in Democrat-controlled cities and people, including churches, just have to deal with it.

Father Michael explained, “It’s distressing, it’s saddening and frustrating…Simply because we are trying to respond to what’s happening in the world and in society, and the fact that people are put at risk because of what they believe and who they are is a very frightening thing.”

Antifa and other leftists are currently exercised by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Oregon is a blue state, so the Dobbs decision won’t affect Oregonians, but Antifa terrorists need an excuse to go into the streets and beat people.

And the Portland political establishment is just letting it happen.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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