Pandemic-driven poverty haunts one one of America’s wealthiest cities

Democrats treated health dictators like gods for the past two years.

Now there’s new evidence their constituents are paying for that foolishness.

And pandemic-driven poverty is haunting what should be the most affluent blue city.

Average New Yorkers are struggling to survive in the world their leaders created over the past two years.

Former NYC Mayor candidate Maya Wiley summed up the situation in a tweet.

“Before #CoronavirusNYC about 1.2M NYCers didn’t always have enough to eat,” she wrote. “Today? ½ of residents worry about affording food. The #of ppl coming to food pantries & other food program has doubled. #Poverty in #NYC is a pandemic.”

The Big Apple’s poverty rate is now double the national average according to a report created by nonprofit Robin Hood.

Thanks to draconian lockdowns, 40% of New Yorkers are struggling to pay their rent.

Those difficult living conditions for more than 7.5 million people is an indictment of Democrats’ methods for managing the pandemic.

America’s biggest city has been blue long enough that politicians can’t honestly blame conservatives for what is happening.

And New Yorkers are fed up with all the games.

Staten Island Live Opinion Writer Tom Wrobleski pointed out that New Yorkers know exactly how to manage their health – without any government hand-holding.

“Remember too that New York City is virtually alone when it comes to these draconian anti-virus measures. Other cities, states and countries have managed the virus just as well or better without these restrictions,” Wrobleski added. “Sweden was lambasted for largely eschewing lockdowns during the height of the first wave. Now it turns out that Sweden emerged with a lower COVID death rate than other European countries that had strict lockdowns.”

Wrobleski pointed out that politicians are focused on sorting out and dividing society based on vaccine status.

“But New York City continues to act as if all of us are under equal threat from the virus. The city has demanded that all workers be vaccinated. They demand that all kids be vaccinated even though children are at very low risk from COVID-19,” he wrote. “And now Vasan and Adams would drag us back into the pandemic dark days. They would let businesses crumble again. They would let society again be disrupted.”

Meanwhile, in what looks like a sign of desperation, New York City’s Mayor recently launched a massive campaign trying to convince leftists to move from Florida to the Big Apple.

NYC is apparently desperate for more residents with deep pockets.

But no matter how much they dislike Ron DeSantis, even the most dedicated Democrats are going to have a tough time giving up freedom for life in a blue wasteland.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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