One school system’s unconscionable failure will leave you red with rage

Democrats have been pushing to infuse “wokeness” into education.

Their radical agenda to teach kids to hate America and each other is being implemented while students are falling behind in basic skills.

And one school system’s unconscionable failure will leave you red with rage.

The Democrat Party is beholden to teachers unions, and vice versa.

So the problems in public education fall almost entirely on the Democrats from a policy standpoint.

And no state exemplifies their failure more than California where literacy rates have plummeted.

City Journal reported that “California now leads the country in illiteracy. In fact, 23.1 percent of Californians over age 15 cannot read this sentence. [emphasis added] While the problem has many causes, much of the blame falls on the state’s failing public schools. The 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress found that just 30 percent of California eighth-graders are proficient in reading. And those numbers reflect results gathered before the Covid-19 lockdowns.”

Leftists are more concerned with teaching kids about the Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory and obscure ideas about sexuality gender theory.

Meanwhile, nearly one in four Californians over 15 are functionally illiterate.

City Journal added that “[a] new poll from UC–Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies reveals that just 35 percent of the state’s voters gave public schools in their local district a grade of A or B, down from 55 percent in 2011. At the other end of the spectrum, 25 percent now give their local public schools a D or an F, up 15 percentage points from 2011. The poll included responses from 800 California voters, with 50 percent identifying as Democrats, 26 percent as Republicans, and 24 percent as independents.”

Parents are also beginning to put their frustration into action.

They are taking their kids out of California’s failing government schools.

In 2018-19, California government schools lost 23,000 students, but over the past two school years, the number ballooned to an eye-popping 160,000.

City Journal revealed that some of the outgoing students “are being schooled in other states, as California’s overall population is declining, while others are opting for the state’s Catholic schools, which have seen a major uptick . . . Homeschooling has been booming, too. Pre-pandemic, California had roughly 200,000 homeschooled students. For 2020–2021, 400,000 were being homeschooled for at least part of the school year.”

The numbers are abysmal, but government bureaucracies never hold themselves accountable.

That’s why the burden falls on parents to demand more from their schools before the damage wrought by activist leftists becomes irreversible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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