One police officer’s family lost everything to make a “woke” District Attorney look good

Criminals can get away with almost anything these days.

But police officers have to walk on eggshells.

And one officer’s family lost everything to make a “woke” District Attorney look good.

California police officer Matthew Dages and his family had their lives upended by the Black Lives Matter riots after a District Attorney decided to make an example out of him.

Two days after George Floyd was killed in Minnesota, the La Mesa, a California police officer was recorded on video making an arrest.

The video makes it obvious it was a minor scuffle and looks a lot like a setup since people were on hand to record the arrest and heckle the officer.

The 24-year-old man who was arrested later played up the incident claiming that if the arrest hadn’t been caught on video he could have faced the same fate as George Floyd.

That is about the most ridiculous comparison possible since the video shows Dages merely grabbed Amaurie Johnson’s shirt and forced him to sit down on a cement bench.

Johnson was swearing at the officer and hit his arm at one point.

“It almost doesn’t matter that the use of force is justified,” The officer’s wife, Christina Dages, told Law Enforcement Today. “They will try to crucify you for ridiculous things like word choice in a police report.”

That’s exactly what happened in this case: the video of Dages arresting Johnson went viral, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan chose to prosecute Dages for filing a false report, and Black Lives Matter protestors started marching in front of the officer’s house.

The family was forced to immediately flee their home for safety and ultimately ended up selling it.

Even though Dages was recently exonerated, he’s also lost his career and spent $100,000 in legal fees trying to defend himself for simply completing a routine task as an officer.

The whole drama was sparked by Dages confronting Johnson about smoking in a “no smoking” area.

Dages’ defense attorney says this is a case where a “DA is choosing criminals over cops.”

The District Attorney said she’s “proud that my team courageously fought for justice without prejudice against or favor towards anyone.”

The DA had argued that Johnson was targeted because he was black.

But it seems likely it was because he decided to get in a fight with an officer.

Considering what happened to Dages, it’s no surprise criminals are getting away with almost anything in blue states.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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