One American city had a shocking response to their recent crime spree

Crime increases are threatening cities across the country.

The crime wave of 2020 has only worsened in 2021.

And one city had a shocking response to a recent crime spree.

Los Angeles and other west-coast cities have experienced a spate of bold robberies.

Flash mobs have raided department stores for several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Los Angeles has also experienced 133 follow-home robberies in 2021 – these crimes occur when criminals follow victims home from high-end stores.

Over a dozen perpetrators of organized robberies have been arrested, but they’ve already been released from jail thanks to zero-bail policies.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

“After a spate of brazen smash-and-grab robberies left Los Angeles-area retailers and shoppers on edge last month, officials announced Thursday that they had arrested 14 suspects in connection with the crimes. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore, joined by other officials and members of the business community at LAPD headquarters, said none of the 14 suspects remains in custody.”

Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón is one of the left-wing prosecutors bankrolled by George Soros, so it’s no surprise pro-crime policies are rearing their ugly heads in the city.

The policies have only emboldened criminals.

The Times continued:

“One of the suspects is a juvenile, Moore said. The others either posted bail or were released without bail. The chief pointed to zero-bail policies that were put in place last year for certain crimes, including burglary, as a public health measure to reduce jail populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Ironically, as criminals are being released from prison, law-abiding citizens have been thrown in prison for violating COVID procedures.

This twisted phenomenon is a representation of anarcho-tyranny – criminals are largely allowed to operate with impunity (anarchy) while law-abiding citizens get punished harshly by the state (tyranny).

The Left doesn’t particularly care if criminals roam the streets.

In their mind, downtrodden criminals are simply victims of the capitalistic system.

The true criminals are the ones who defy state orders.

That’s why flash mob robbers get promptly released from prison while churches that stayed open during COVID were harassed and fined nonstop.

In Canada, pastors were even arrested for holding church services.

The bail “reform” policies of the Left came into sharp focus after the horrific massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The murderer had a rap sheet filled with violent crimes a mile long, but he was still allowed on the streets to do more damage.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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