Not even star athletes are safe from this major city’s crime surge

After years of far-Left control, most liberal cities have seen a surge in homelessness and crime unlike ever before. 

Make no mistake, nobody is safe from this surge in violence and depravity. 

And apparently in this one major city, even star athletes are not safe from violence.

Perhaps the most disturbing trend in America right now is the astronomical rise in homelessness.

This is especially true in America’s cities and urban centers.

If you have been to a city lately then you know exactly how bad things have gotten. 

In cities such as San Francisco and Denver, the streets have become overwhelmed with what these city governments now call “urban camping”.

Although the radical Left likes to glorify homelessness, the reality is far from glamorous.

These homeless camps are more often than not hotbeds for violent crime, hard drug use, disease, and sexual violence.

The good news is, even some of the liberals who have allowed these camps to form are now starting to recognize the dangers of tolerating these hotbeds of depravity.

On a daily basis, innocent people and sometimes children are being attacked and robbed in the vicinity of these camps.

In fact, in Los Angeles an Olympic athlete was just brutally assaulted by a bum at a large homeless camp.

Former Olympian and model, Kate Glass, was just brutally attacked by a homeless man later identified as 50-year-old Semeon Tesfamarian.

Glass reports she was attacked in a completely unprovoked assault by a bum with a metal pipe.

Fortunately Glass survived the brutal attack, but she is still recovering from the assault.

She has severe eye damage but is expected to make a full recovery.

This attack proves just how dangerous the streets of major cities like Los Angeles have become.

If a star athlete can’t avoid being attacked then ordinary citizens have little hope of maneuvering out of the way. 

The sad thing is, this attack is just one of many that have happened in Los Angeles as of late. 

And as the attacks mount, it appears increasingly obvious that the radical liberals who are running LA are not prepared to do anything about it.

If major cities such as Los Angeles ever hope to get a grip on this insane crime and homelessness surge then they need to seriously rethink their pro-crime policies. 

Instead of incentivizing people to become bums, LA needs to scale back their intense welfare state and start making people work for a living.

What a concept. 

However this November gives the citizens of Los Angeles and other communities that have been torn apart by violence a chance to rebuke the liberals who have done this to their cities. 

If action is not taken immediately then more people will continue to be assaulted by these vagabonds. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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