Newsom stands by as 80% of America’s truck drivers could lose their ability to work in his state

A Governor in charge of an economy the size of France seems to be incapable of making a judgement call that isn’t perfectly aligned with his political interests.

And – while the entire supply chain teeters on the verge of collapse – an insane California regulation is threatening to shut down the overworked truckers who already can’t keep up with demand.

Now families across the state and the US could face food shortages – and empty spots under their Christmas trees – thanks to this blue state’s transportation breakdown.

As a Reason article put it, “California state officials are unusually bold in their approach to major problems. For instance, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his progressive allies believe our state can pass labor laws that revamp the economy, provide affordable healthcare for all residents and even change the trajectory of the Earth’s climate by shifting the economy toward a carbon-free future.”

But Newsom seems to have no interest in nipping a crisis in the bud when he has the chance even though – or perhaps, because – his own government created it.

While 111 container ships idle off California’s coast waiting to unload, the state’s chief executive has been mostly MIA.

While the Governor told a sad tale about his kids staging an intervention so he’d take them trick or treating, it’s doubtful the little tykes want him to stay out of the office long enough to spoil Christmas for the whole nation.

More than a month ago, business organizations gave Newsom a list of issues he needed to jump on fast to avert a total crisis in a state with the nation’s busiest port and a $17.6 billion dollar agriculture economy that is America’s largest supplier of fruit, nuts, berries (not to mention a good portion of America’s winter supply of veggies).

The most stunningly stupid law is Assembly Bill 5 – an insanely ill-conceived bit of government non-sense that requires truck drivers to be employees of trucking companies rather than owner operators.

In fact, the only thing keeping 80% of truckers from being pulled off the road right now is a court case filed by a trucker trade association.

The case, which hinges on whether California can impose their ridiculous rules on federal highways, has worked its way up to the Supreme Court with an injunction in place that keeps it from being implemented until the case is decided (or the presiding judges change their minds).

The stakes are only increased by knowing that, with Newsom apparently lacking the political will to scrap a regulation that could break an already stressed supply chain, we get to depend on the good sense and wit of one of Joe Biden’s appointees.

Only a few weeks after she took on the job of US Solicitor General, Elizabeth Prelogar was asked to weigh in on the case.

The Biden administration has already “killed a Trump administration rule on the definition of independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

According to a FreightWaves article, “That rule was seen as being more liberal in defining what constitutes an independent contractor than the Obama administration rule that preceded it. The Biden administration has not yet offered a substitute.”

Left to experience the consequences of the equally incompetent Newsom and Biden administrations, it seems the entire nation could soon be singing the blue state blues.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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