Nancy Pelosi is nowhere to be seen as her hometown issues this disgusting warning

After decades of corruption and mismanagement, many Democrat-controlled cities across the nation are falling apart.

Unsurprisingly, wasteful spending and one stupid political project after another have rendered many major cities practically uninhabitable.

And Nancy Pelosi is nowhere to be seen as her hometown issues this disgusting warning.

San Francisco is falling apart at the seams thanks to Democrat control

San Francisco, California is easily one of the most mismanaged and chaotic cities in the United States.

Decades of extreme far-left rule have rendered their police department useless, have given bums more rights and privileges than hard-working citizens, and have increased taxes to punishing levels.

Crime is out of control, drug use is killing throngs of people, and even the most basic of services are not being taken care of properly.

This fact was painfully evident following a series of rough storms that hit San Francisco last week.

These storms, which were rough but not catastrophic by any measure, completely upset San Francisco’s deteriorated sewer systems, causing sewage to run through the streets of the city by the bay.

Things got so foul, that the city had to urge residents to not jump in puddles, as these puddles contained raw sewage.

According to Eileen White, who is the executive officer for the Water Board’s San Francisco Bay Region, “(the city) ran their system on New Year’s Eve with big violations.”

She added “It wasn’t because everybody was flushing the toilet all day long. It was because the rainwater, instead of going into the storm water system, goes to the closest point. And it went into holes in the sewer pipes.”

These claims were corroborated by local environmental activist Sejal Choksi-Chugh who said that “What these storms are showing us is that our designs are out of date. … We need to be investing in infrastructure with new designs that are able to meet the demands of the next century’s storms. And if we don’t look forward in that way, we’re just going to get caught in this every single time.”

San Francisco sewers are falling apart while the city buys junkies “clean” needles

It is hard to feel bad for San Francisco during this severe crisis.

For years taxpayers in San Francisco have been forced to fork over massive amounts of money to pay for ridiculous projects such as clean needle exchanges and other wasteful welfare programs.

Meanwhile, crucial infrastructure such as sewage systems and waste management have been entirely neglected, leading to major meltdowns such as this one.

Hopefully, this sewage issue will teach the people of San Francisco that the socialists they keep electing to run their city are full of crap, literally.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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