Majority of New York City residents agree on this very shocking notion

Over the last decade or so, the Big Apple has seen a very rapid decline.

Crime is up, cleanliness is ignored, taxes are up and people are fleeing in droves.

And while New Yorkers may not be able to agree on some things, such as their favorite football teams, they seem to agree on one thing and it may shock you.

At one point, New York was considered the greatest city on Earth.

This metropolis was truly a place where any man, no matter where they came from, could accomplish anything they set their mind to.

These days you are lucky to last a week in New York without being mugged or being bitten by a disease-infested rat.

And that’s if you can even afford to stay in New York for a week without help from the government.

The truth is, New York City is a dump.

And things are only getting worse, the worst they have been since the 1970s.

Just think Taxi Driver but “woke.”

New York was briefly brought back from the brink by Mayor Rudy Giuliani who cleaned that city up, but of course, he is now Democrats’ public enemy #1.

Regardless, after decades of radical leftist control, New York is in very bad shape.

And for proof, just look at a recent poll taken of New Yorkers that asked if they think New York City is giving their family a good life.

And surprisingly, 60% of New Yorkers answered that they believe moving somewhere else would offer them and their families a better life.

The most insane part of this finding is that people know that New York sucks, yet every November these people march down to their polling place and vote Democrat time and time again.

This is by definition, insane.

Although this finding is surprising, it explains why millions of people have already left New York.

And more often than not they move to more conservative places, particularly in the southeast, and continue to vote Democrat.

Let’s just pray that more of them don’t leave New York.

If New York ever hopes to resemble a great city again, there needs to be some radical change.

That change starts with their soft on crime policies, which allow violent felons to avoid jail time by paying a minuscule part of their already low bail.

Other issues such as sanitation and homelessness need to be addressed too.

But given how liberal the city is as a whole, don’t hold your breath.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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