Leftist city officials are quaking in their boots after parents spotted kids in this jaw-dropping video

Leftists are running cities into the ground.

They refuse to acknowledge the damage their policies are doing.

But one jaw-dropping video has leftist city officials quaking in their boots and parents horrified.

Homelessness has exploded in major metropolises, especially on the west coast.

San Franciscans have been hit particularly hard, in large part due to horrid Democrat policies in the Bay Area.

The result has been urban blight and open drug use in the streets.

A San Francisco citizen named Ricci Wynne recently took to Twitter to expose the squalor children have to walk through every single day in the city.

Democrats’ pro-crime policies ensure that open drug use and camping on the street will never be curtailed in any serious way.

San Francisco is one of the most left-wing cities in the country.

There’s hardly a Republican in sight.

Yet leftists in the city still try to blame the Right for San Francisco’s problems.

That was the response when Communist prosecutor Chesa Boudin was recently recalled.

The George Soros-funded District Attorney and his leftist defenders in the press came up with every excuse in the book.

An activist journalist for New York Magazine wrote, “Modern San Francisco, unlike New York, does not rest on the legacy of a social-democratic state forged with New Deal largesse. There are no Fiorello La Guardias or Robert Wagners lurking in the city’s history. From 1912 to 1963, only Republicans governed San Francisco, and they were largely backers of big business who could occasionally draw support from organized labor.”

The Left are willing to go back 60 years in order to blame Republicans.

But the Democrats have nobody but themselves to blame.

They have destigmatized open use of hard drugs, homelessness, crime, and virtually any other destructive behavior.

Worse yet, San Francisco spends over $500 million on the homeless each year.

That comes out to more than $60,000 per head.

And the Democrats in the city have pledged to double the homelessness budget.

Throwing more money at the problem will not make it go away.

Michael Shellenberger, a former leftist turned moderate independent who ran for governor of California, explained, “The reason progressives believe that the…drug death ‘homelessness’ crisis is unsolvable, is because they are in the grip of a victim ideology characterized by safetyism, learned helplessness, and disempowerment.”

This is exactly correct.

A cultural rot has taken hold among the Democrats, and it’s causing cities to decay.

That’s why little kids have to trek through urban squalor and nobody bats an eye.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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