Parents are suing to put a stop to one insane school policy

Democrats are rapidly going off the deep end.

And their craziness is being pumped into the heads of children in schools at every level.

Now parents are suing to put a stop to one insane school policy.

California leads the nation in ludicrous far-left policies.

The state was the first to issue mandatory vaccination of all children under 12-years-old pending FDA approval.

But California is also feeding radical propaganda into young impressionable minds.

And parents are suing to stop government schools from requiring kids to chant to Aztec gods.

Believe it or not, it’s even crazier than it sounds.

Fox News reports:

“Three California parents are suing to prevent the state’s public school system from reciting prayers to Aztec deities that have been worshipped with human sacrifice – arguing that doing so violates the U.S. and state constitutions. The issue emerged earlier this year when researcher Chris Rufo reported on that particular aspect of the state’s ethnic studies curriculum. As Fox News previously noted, the curriculum suggests chants that invoke the deity Tezkatlipoka.”

This is on the verge of being adopted by 10,000 government schools in the state of California.

It’s no wonder California is near the bottom in government education.

Fox News continued:

“Tezkatlipoka is an Aztec god that was honored with human sacrifices. According to the World History Encyclopedia, an impersonator of Tezkatlipoka would be sacrificed with his heart removed to honor the deity. In Aztec mythology, Tezkatlipoka is the brother of Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli and Xipe Totec – all of whom appear to be invoked in the chant.”

The Aztec chanting is even more nefarious than it sounds.

Journalist Christopher Rufo, who has been at the forefront of exposing the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory, uncovered the origins of the curriculum.

According to Rufo, the ethnic studies activist who influenced the curriculum is a far-left radical named R. Tolteka Cuauhtin who believes that the chant represents a way to lash out at the Christian God.

Rufo wrote for City Journal:

“The chants have a clear implication: the displacement of the Christian god, which is said to be an extension of white supremacist oppression, and the restoration of the indigenous gods to their rightful place in the social justice cosmology. It is, in a philosophical sense, a revenge of the gods.”

Parents need to get their children out of government schools immediately if at all possible.

There’s a reason homeschooling is booming.

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One state just accelerated COVID tyranny with this stunning move

Democrats and public health officials refuse to let the pandemic end.

Their draconian orders will not stop, even if full vaccination were achieved by force.

And one state just accelerated COVID tyranny with this stunning move.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are on a maniacal quest to get everyone vaccinated against COVID irrespective of their individual health status.

And California is taking the lead in forcing young children to get the vaccine against parents’ wishes.

The Washington Post reports:

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that the state will require all schoolchildren to get vaccinated against coronavirus in the coming year, setting the stage for the nation’s most sweeping vaccine mandate for young people. The mandate will take effect gradually after the Food and Drug Administration gives full approval to a coronavirus vaccine for younger children. None have been authorized yet, even under emergency status, for children under the age of 12.”

The vaccine hasn’t even been approved for children, but the Democrats are already champing at the bit to give them the jab.

Such eagerness to give young children a vaccine for an illness that is not harming them shows that this mandate is not about public safety.

This is clearly about compliance.

The Post continued:

“The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been authorized for emergency use for 12-to-15-year-olds, and has been fully approved for people 16 and older. The state said that it could begin requiring a coronavirus vaccine for students in grades 7 to 12 starting in July. At that point, it will become part of the slate of vaccines California requires children to get before stepping into classrooms. It will apply to any student who wants to attend school – public or private – in-person.”

Young children are not even vectors of transmission for the virus, so none of this makes sense.

America has the dubious distinction of being the strictest country in the world when it comes to forcing masks on children in order to “combat” COVID.

Australia is currently in the throes of an authoritarian moment with public officials implementing some of the most Orwellian crackdowns seen in modern times.

But the American COVID regime is not far behind with its nonsensical decrees.

COVID has become a tool for the establishment to flex its muscle, and they are in no hurry to give up that power.

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Gun-grabbers forced one classic American company to make a shocking decision

Democrats are no longer hiding their radicalism.

They’ve moved wildly to the Left on everything from abortion to gun rights.

Now gun-grabbers forced one classic American company to make a shocking decision.

People are fleeing blue states in droves for the liberty of red states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

And now businesses are moving, too.

After well over a century in Massachusetts, American gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is moving to Tennessee.

Newsweek reports:

“Reacting to the Massachusetts Legislature’s proposal to ban certain firearms, gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson announced intentions to move its headquarters to Tennessee, the Associated Press reported. The gunmaker, established in 1852, said it is spending $125 million to relocate its Springfield base due to legislative proposals that would ban them from manufacturing assault weapons, according to officials.”

Several major companies like Tesla and Charles Schwab left California for the friendlier business climate of Texas, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

In 2020, California had net negative migration out of the state for the first time in ages.

People are getting sick and tired of the high taxes and burdensome regulations.

Newsweek continued:

“The Democrat-led Legislature is weighing its options to ban the sale and possession of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines, a sweeping gun control measure that would also outlaw their manufacturing, unless for military or law enforcement purposes.”

Blue states are so arrogant, they believe they can tax citizens and companies more and more without repercussions.

They’re going to find out the hard way what happens when tax revenue gets scared off because of Big Government politicians who burn money on waste, fraud, and abuse.

Smith & Wesson CEO Mark Smith said:

“While we are hopeful that this arbitrary and damaging legislation will be defeated in this session, these products made up over 60 percent of our revenue last year, and the unfortunate likelihood that such restrictions would be raised again led to a review of the best path forward for Smith & Wesson.”

The country is getting more polarized thanks to the authoritarian overreach from the Left that’s becoming commonplace.

The COVID regime has particularly been tyrannical, openly saying that individual liberty was irrelevant in the face of the virus.

Some petty tyrants in blue states like Illinois even tried to use COVID emergency powers to grab guns.

The Democrats aren’t going to stop coming for guns, so pro-gun politicians in office must not give an inch to the gun-grabbers.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

One communist Mayor is going after city employees for a disturbing reason

Petty tyrants have been exposed across the country.

All of them used COVID as an excuse to assume and abuse emergency powers.

Now one communist Mayor is going after city employees for a disturbing reason.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is using COVID as a pretext to enact all of his communistic fantasies.

De Blasio is attempting to bring all city educators to heel by forcing all of them to get the COVID vaccine or go on unpaid leave.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“On July 26, the city ordered all 148,000 Department of Education employees and department contractors working in school-based settings to begin the vaccination process by Sept. 13. The mandate also applied to any visitor age 12 or older to a school or department facility. At that time, the order gave affected individuals an opt-out through weekly testing. However, on Aug. 23, de Blasio rescinded the testing option, saying that advice from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended full vaccinations for education workers.”

Employees cannot even undergo weekly testing to keep their jobs.

And the arbitrary control is the point for tyrants like de Blasio.

De Blasio said of his edict:

“For anyone who has not gotten a dose by Friday at 5 p.m., after all the encouragement, all the support, all the incentives, we’re going to then assume you’re not coming to work Monday morning as a vaccinated employee, and we will immediately find a substitute . . . And then those folks will go on leave without pay, who chose not to get vaccinated.”

In other words, he tried the “carrot” but now it’s time to beat people with the “stick.”

De Blasio went further to suggest loss of wages and social stigmatization might cudgel people into compliance:

“There is definitely a chance to correct for people who think better of the situation . . . Miss their paycheck, miss their opportunity to serve people, miss their colleagues, whatever it is, they can correct.”

De Blasio exemplifies the authoritarian mindset of the Left.

Once they have convinced themselves of their moral rectitude, they will do anything to bring about their perfect vision for the world.

Ironically, bad and underperforming public school teachers are almost impossible to get rid of, but de Blasio can snap his fingers and get rid of any teacher that does not do precisely what he wants.

This goes to show that questioning the regime is the ultimate crime on the Left.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

An authoritarian New York policy could trigger one radical solution

Blue states are leading the way in COVID tyranny.

Vaccine mandates are putting people’s livelihoods in danger.

And an authoritarian New York policy could trigger one radical solution.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio created a two-tiered society with his totalitarian vaccine mandates.

Now the entire state is going in De Blasio’s communist direction.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who assumed the office after Andrew Cuomo left in disgrace amid numerous sexual harassment allegations, said she may send in the National Guard to cover healthcare shortages after the vaccine-hestitant have been purged.

The Blaze reports:

Members of the National Guard could help fill any gaps that arise in New York state’s health care workforce due to a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, New York’s governor said…A recent news release noted that as of Sept. 22, 84% of hospital employees in the Empire State had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Around 16%, or 72,000 individuals, had not been fully vaccinated…

If the Democrats had their druthers, they would federalize all employees so they could fully exert top-down control.

Hochul said:

“I will be signing an executive order to give me the emergency powers necessary to address the shortages where they occur . . . That’s going to allow me to deploy the National Guard who are medically trained . . .”

A year ago, the so-called “mainstream” media were pushing the message that frontline healthcare workers were heroes.

But now that a significant portion of them don’t want to get the vaccine for their personal reasons, they’re being demonized and purged.

Ideological lockstep is the goal, and the Democrats are willing to use any tactic necessary.

When speaking a Christian cultural center, Hochul suggested the vaccine came from God, and she needed citizens to evangelize on behalf of it.

Hochul preached:

“I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other’ . . . Jesus taught us to love one another, and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, ‘Please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.’”

The COVID regime will do whatever necessary to force compliance from the entire population.

It doesn’t matter that healthcare workers might not want the vaccine because they already have natural immunity to COVID after working in hospitals for a year.

The only “option” is to submit to the COVID regime.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

Democrats are demanding Americans pay for one cause they never asked for

Democrats are becoming more authoritarian by the minute.

They no longer even pretend to stand for civil liberties.

Now Democrats are demanding that Americans pay for one cause they never asked for.

Open borders is a wildly unpopular position, but no matter what, Americans continue to get more and more immigration.

And after Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, America is being forced to take in tens of thousands of refugees.

On top of that, American taxpayers are being forced to subsidize their housing.

Breitbart reports:

“The Biden administration is hoping to bring 95,000 Afghans to the U.S. over the next 12 months. Already, about 37,000 Afghans are in the U.S. and will soon need housing in about 46 states. In certain cities and regions, Afghans running into high housing costs — partially pushed up by the nation’s legal immigration levels that bring millions of new arrivals to the U.S. every decade, all of whom need housing and thus increase demand.”

Biden greatly expanded the refugee program upon taking office, but the American people are rarely asked if that’s something they wanted.

America always seems to bear the brunt of refugee resettlement.

Countries like Saudi Arabia do not take in any refugees, turning away their Sunni coreligionists.

Illegal immigration and refugee resettlement have become tools of the establishment.

Chamber of Commerce types want cheap labor, Democrat politicians want future voters, and organizations get subsidies from the government.

Breitbart continued:

“In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) wants state taxpayers to foot the bill for the issue, requesting nearly $17 million to fund ‘cash assistance’ for thousands of Afghans who will be resettled in the state. Some of that funding would go toward providing housing for Afghans. A similar approach is being taken up in Massachusetts where elected state Democrats are asking taxpayers to provide $12 million in funding for Afghans to help them, among other things, with housing costs.”

Refugee resettlement provides another avenue for Democrat politicians to accrue more power.

Democrats look at crises as opportunities.

In California, homelessness has exploded, and the consequence has been significantly more funding for the homelessness industry.

Breitbart added:

“On the federal level, as Breitbart News has reported, House Democrats have approved a spending package that includes $6.4 billion in taxpayer money to fund Biden’s massive resettlement operation, which includes covering housing costs and providing cash assistance to Afghans after they arrive in the U.S.”

The bigger the crisis, the bigger the propaganda, the bigger the funding.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

One communist Mayor just got torn apart by the last group he ever expected

The radical push from the Democrats is wrecking the country.

It’s gotten so bad that leftists are eating their own.

Now one communist Mayor just got torn apart by the last group he ever expected.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would do away with property rights if he could, but he’s settling for civil liberties.

Bill de Blasio decreed that New Yorkers would be forced to get vaccinated in order to fully participate in society.

While many establishment leftists cheered his authoritarian move, members of a New York chapter of Black Lives Matter are attacking De Blasio for his shameful edict.

Chivona Newsome, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater New York and former Congressional candidate, hammered De Blasio’s vaccine policy.

Newsome said:

“Although Mayor Bill De Blasio ran on progressives values, nothing in his tenure will attest to his campaign promises . . . The September 13th vaccine mandate is racist and specifically targets Black New Yorkers. The vaccination passports are modern day Freedom Papers, which limit the free will of Black people.”

BLM radicals and other proponents of Critical Race Theory have made the extreme argument that any law with a disparate impact between white and nonwhite is de jure racist.

Newsome’s argument is that since black New Yorkers are vaccinated at a lower rate, De Blasio’s mandate creates a disparate impact, ergo it’s racist.

But radical leftists like Ibram X. Kendi, who has made millions with his destructive and deceptively named “antiracist” philosophy, have been eerily quiet on the vaccine.

When asked about the logical consistency of his antiracist argument, Kendi dodged the question.

The account that shared that video was suspended on Twitter.

It’s now a thought crime to expose the logical fallacies of the Left.

Kendi is smart enough to know that his funding could dry up if he goes against the COVID regime.

Newsome added:

“The vaccination mandates infringe upon the civil liberties of the Black community . . . It’s more than where we can dine or enjoy entertainment, it will result in loss of income. As of Monday, September 27, Black health care workers and educators will lose their jobs.”

BLM recently protested in support of a black woman who got in a physical confrontation with a hostess over the draconian vaccine requirements.

De Blasio has created a powder keg with his inane policy.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

Violence is skyrocketing in one city after leftists made a huge mistake

Radical leftists are pushing the Democrats to the extreme.

Democrat-run areas are slowly adopting insane policies.

And violence is skyrocketing in one city after leftists made a huge mistake.

Portland has become the epicenter of far-left terrorism.

Antifa has infested the city with a constant stream of violence over the last several years, and it’s getting worse.

Crime is up in Portland after city officials defunded its gun violence team on grounds it was “racist.”

Portland-based independent journalist Andy Ngo himself has been accosted multiple times by Antifa thugs.

One beating caught on camera sent Ngo to the hospital with brain damage, and the corporate-controlled press largely ignored the story.

If Donald Trump supporters had put a journalist in the hospital, the so-called “mainstream” media would never let the story leave the front page.

The murder rate for 2020 was up 30% over 2019 – and is on pace to be higher in 2021 – in large part due to the summer riots in light of the George Floyd killing.

Antifa goons firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks while feckless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did nothing to stop him.

Portland is in such a quagmire, Wheeler won re-election as mayor as the “moderate” candidate.

Wheeler ran against a woman who called herself the “Antifa Mayor,” and she likely would’ve won had the progressive vote not been split by a candidate who was even more leftist than she.

The violence has escalated so badly in Portland, a terrorist who said he was “100% Antifa” shot and killed a Trump supporter in cold blood in the middle of the street.

He was shot and killed by law enforcement while he was on the lam for murder, but he had time to do a sympathetic interview with Vice before being shot.

Portland appears to be a lost city.

Any remaining conservatives should be planning their escape plan.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

One tyrannical Governor proved she’s in deep trouble with a desperate move

COVID tyranny is ratcheting up in parts of the country.

New York City is actively instituting apartheid based on vaccine status.

But one tyrannical Governor proved she’s in deep trouble with a desperate move.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not moving forward with mask mandates and vaccine passports.

Whitmer agreed to a budget that included the passage:

“The director or local health officer shall not issue or enforce any orders or other directives that require an individual in this state who is under the age of 18 to wear a face mask or face covering.”

This came as a shock to many considering Whitmer instituted some of the most draconian lockdowns in the country in 2020.

Fox News reports:

“Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the state legislature have agreed on a budget proposal that includes language banning health officials from enforcing mask mandates in schools and preventing state public agencies from enforcing vaccines on employees or customers . . . The budget comes after Whitmer faced criticisms for her handling of the pandemic last year, including enacting some of the strictest lockdown orders in the country.”

In 2020, Whitmer went so far as to prohibit big box stores from having certain sections of their stores open.

She also banned travel to people’s second homes.

At the same time, her husband joked about flouting her mandates and taking his boat out on the water.

Whitmer’s about-face comes as she’s facing re-election against Republican challenger James Craig, former Detroit Chief of Police.

Craig, who is black, announced his candidacy on Tucker Carlson’s show back in July.

Now Whitmer is singing a different tune.

In response to the budget agreement, she said:

“I am thrilled that the legislature and I were able to come together to agree on a bipartisan budget . . . Our collaboration is a testament to what’s possible when we work together and put our families, communities, and small businesses first.”

But it was Whitmer who was cracking down on small businesses last year.

Many small businesses went under as a result of her tyrannical orders.

Michigan is not as solidly blue as New York or California, so Whitmer has to tread softly if she wants to remain Governor.

New York City-style crackdowns would turn ugly very quickly in Michigan.

Hopefully more people are waking up to the Orwellian laws that are punishing Americans around the country.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

One county in Virginia is on the verge of implementing an insane policy leftists have only dreamed of

Progressives are putting a full-court press for their radical agenda.

Everything from school boards to county boards have become battlegrounds in the culture war.

And one county in Virginia is on the verge of implementing an insane policy leftists have only dreamed of.

Loudoun County in Virginia has been the arena for clashes over the Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory.

Parents and some teachers are pushing back against the poison being pumped into children’s minds.

But now Loudoun County could be laying the groundwork for some type of racial reparations.

The Loudoun Times-Mirror reports:

“The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday directed the Joint Board of Supervisors and School Board Committee to study harm done to the Black community by previous boards dating back more than 80 years. The actions follow last September’s joint apology by the Board of Supervisors and School Board for the role both entities played in ‘operating segregated schools, resisting integration and the persistent educational inequities that resulted from these actions’ dating back to at least 1926. Supervisor Juli E. Briskman (D-Algonkian) brought the proposal forward, supported by a 6-3 vote.”

One of the three holdouts to the overbroad and undefined study was Supervisor Caleb Kershner.

In response to the vote, Kershner said, “I think, ultimately, [the proposal stops], but it alludes to the fact that we’re looking at some level of reparations, and it’s kind of an open book of reparations.”

The push for reparations has been a constant call from the radical Left, but it’s picked up momentum in the last decade because of radical authors like Ta-Nehisi Coates and the rise of the socialists in the Democrat Party.

Some jurisdictions have even instituted reparations.

Oakland is giving $500 per month to poor nonwhite families – poor whites, meanwhile, are excluded from availing themselves of the program.

These are the kinds of divisive policies leftists want to implement around the country.

The Left is hellbent on either turning American society socialist, or breaking it altogether.

Either outcome is a win for them.

They’ve been using the incremental approach for a century, and now they’re accelerating their timeline.

If Loudoun County gets on board with some type of reparations program, other blue districts will get in line and follow suit.

There has never been a greater time for liberty-minded parents to pull their children out of government schools and get involved in politics at every level of government.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

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