Kamala Harris’ mini-me just got handed a massive defeat

Kamala Harris can’t make a single political decision that doesn’t backfire.

Smart politicians are avoiding her like a plague. 

As the least popular Vice President in a long time—probably ever—her endorsement is a clear liability. 

But not every office holder is especially bright—and Kamala Harris’ mini-me just got handed a massive defeat.

Kamala Harris once claimed her protégé, Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, “cannot fail.”

But it just happened in a big way. 

Mosby is best known nationwide for her push to prosecute six cops over the death of Freddy Gray which left Baltimore rioting. 

She ultimately lost that case. 

Mosby has always exhibited questionable judgment—illustrated clearly by her hero worship of Harris. 

“There would be no Marilyn Mosby without Kamala Harris,” she once said. “She’s a bold, brilliant, beautiful black woman.”

In turn, Kamala has gone to bat for her biggest (and only?) fan. 

“When we march and we shout about what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system, we better understand that we gotta march and shout with our paychecks,” Harris told a crowd at a fundraiser for Mosby in Los Angeles back in 2017.

At the time, Harris also complained that there are “a lot of people who are highly critical” of the Baltimore prosecutor. 

“She cannot fail and I know she will not fail,” Harris said.

It turns out Harris underestimated her mini-me in a big way. 

Mosby was indicted in January on federal perjury charges for lying on loan applications. 

She’s in all kinds of trouble since she hasn’t paid federal taxes for several years, lied when applying for home loans, and dishonestly used a “second-home rider” for one home which allowed her to get a lower interest rate.

Now, she’s paying for her wrongs with a career-ending defeat. 

Mosby recently lost her primary election to Baltimore defense attorney Ivan Bates. 

“Today, Baltimore decided it was time for a change,” Bates wrote in a tweet. “An enormous thank you to all of my supporters. I recognize that the job of helping build a safer Baltimore is a tremendous challenge. I am ready to lead — and to work with collaborators of all stripes to help make that a reality.” 

Hopefully he will also have the good sense to make criminals a touch less comfortable in Charm City. 

According to an Associated Press report, Baltimore has had more than 300 homicides per year for the last seven years—and things are only getting worse. 

This year Baltimore had the deadliest January in half a century with 36 homicides that month alone. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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