John Kerry is panicked these activists’ shocking tactics could ground his hypocritical jet-setting lifestyle

Over the past few decades, the Left has created a sense of panic over what they deem to be a climate crisis.

Americans are fed-up with the “do as I say, not as I do” climate fear-mongering politicians whose lunatic policies will put everyone in the poor house.

But now these activists’ shocking tactics have Biden administration Climate Envoy John Kerry panicking that they’ll ground his jet-setting lifestyle.

Nothing gets the Left riled up more than climate hysteria

When it comes to the Left, nothing gets them so riled as much as global warming and climate hysteria.

Many leftists take every scientific study that is thrown at them as the complete and undeniable truth, without questioning or investigating anything for themselves.

But climate extremists took things to a whole new level recently in the far-Left city of Boston – the hometown of the Biden administration’s special Climate Envoy and failed former Presidential candidate John Kerry.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 21, members of the radical organization called Extinction Rebellion Boston decided to sit in the middle of busy Summer Street, blocking traffic, WCVB Boston reported.

“Sleeping dragon” devices seized

One of Extinction Rebellion’s vehicles “was carrying three 55-gallon steel drum barrels with holes cut into them and pipes running through the holes, a device known as a ‘sleeping dragon.’” the local ABC affiliate reported.

“A ‘sleeping dragon’ is an improvised device made by protestors to secure themselves together, with their arms fed through a pipe or tube that runs through barrels through holes cut into them. Generally, a protesters hands are then locked to the hands of those next to them inside the barrels, to form a roadblock consisting of a connected series of protestors and barrels,” WCVB added.

Police seized the “sleeping dragons” before the activists could chain themselves together thankfully.

Nevertheless the activists managed to block traffic without deploying the devices before police showed up.

According to one of the protest leaders by the name of Eleanor Larson, the protest occurred because “We’re out here blocking traffic because the state is not taking appropriate action based on the scientific evidence that is out there.”

Larson failed to elaborate on what scientific evidence she was referring to.

As a result of this dangerous protest, 15 members of the radical Extinction Rebellion Boston group were arrested.

Protests like this are very common for the Left because they completely disrupt people’s lives and it forces people to pay attention to what they are saying.

Otherwise, people would get bored to death by what these smelly hippies are screeching about and would keep walking.

Leftists protests are getting more unhinged and dangerous by the day

Although it is easy to laugh at crazy protesters like these, protests like this are no laughing matter.

Just think about the emergency response vehicles that could have been impeded by this, or the people who lost their job because this protest caused people to be late to work.

Climate protestors like this are nothing more than brainwashed terrorists who are desperate for attention.

America needs to have the guts to stand up to protestors like this and make it very clear that dangerous protests like these are unacceptable.

If only these woke protestors stood in front of the fossil fuel-burning ferries that took the illegal aliens off of Martha’s Vineyard.

Or gasp, what if they blocked John Kerry’s private planes so he couldn’t jet off to foreign confabs to brainstorm more ways to hurt America under the guise of solving the so-called climate crisis?

Climate extremism has been entirely fueled by the insane rhetoric of the far-Left, who are willing to say anything to destroy the United States economy.

Nothing would make the Left happier than seeing the death of American industry, while China and Russia produce and pollutes without blinking an eye.

Make no mistake, the climate movement has absolutely nothing to do with the environment. It has everything to do with destroying the American economy.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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