Joe Biden’s mandate is causing one major public safety issue

Joe Biden has put America on a dangerous path.

His policies are already having detrimental effects on people’s lives.

Now Biden’s mandate is causing one major public safety issue.

Joe Biden and the COVID regime are determined to get every single American double or triple-jabbed.

Biden called for OSHA to strong-arm all businesses to comply with his vaccine mandate.

The result has led to medical tyranny and a two-tiered society, and Biden seems perfectly fine with that.

Now people’s lives literally could be in danger because police officers around the country are not complying with Biden’s fascistic move.

City Journal reports:

“In recent weeks, police unions, in step with thousands of police officers in major American cities, have vigorously resisted and protested vaccine mandates, leading to the possibility that many departments will soon face crippling labor shortages. While providing questionable public-health benefits, mandates thus threaten to make the problem of rising violent crime even worse. In Seattle, where a vaccination deadline for city officials passed in October, the police department is on the verge of losing more than half of its personnel since the start of last year. The department has already lost some 300 officers in the post-George Floyd exodus, and now almost 300 more of the 1,000 remaining officers have not reported their vaccination status or are seeking a medical exemption.”

At a time when crime is on the rise across the board, cities cannot afford to lose such a significant chunk of their officers.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villinueva said:

“If I were to follow your mandate, I could potentially lose 44 percent of my workforce in one day. I cannot enforce reckless mandates that put the public’s safety at risk.”

The COVID regime thought everyone would comply, but Americans are showing that they are fed up with the forever-pandemic.

The goalposts keep moving for when society can return to normal.

Now the COVID regime is risking public safety to achieve a political aim.

City Journal continued:

“Chicago has seen some of the most rancorous fights over vaccine mandates. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has accused John Catanzara, head of the city’s largest police union, of attempting to ‘induce an insurrection’ for calling on his 11,000 union members to defy the city’s mandate. (Catanzara is vaccinated himself) . . . The prospect of losing cops has alarmed many West and South Side Chicago residents and local officials, who have already endured a 56 percent surge in homicides since 2019. Last week, two city council representatives, Marty Quinn and Matt O’Shea, wrote a letter asking Lightfoot to withdraw the mandates over public-safety concerns.”

This level of hysteria is not sustainable.

Life was relatively normal in red states last year when there was no vaccine and no therapeutics in the pipeline.

The facts on the ground have changed, yet the COVID regime is becoming more authoritarian.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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