It turns out California is pro-business—at least if you’re in the dirtiest business in the world

California has been absolutely hemorrhaging businesses and residents as people leave the state that’s made living and working almost impossible. 

But now the pro-crime paradise just made a move that will leave you seething. 

Because it turns out California is now pro-business—at least if you’re in the dirtiest business in the world.

In a world where climate crazed politicians are hell-bent on taking everything from the red meat off your plate to the combustion engine car out of your garage, California prosecutors just made a mind numbingly stupid decision. 

It turns out Los Angeles narcotics investigators just got a slap in the face after Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón and California Attorney General Rob Bonta both refused to file felony charges against members of an international cartel who were running the largest illegal marijuana operation ever busted in that part of the country. 

During the bust investigators found an insane haul with $1.4 billion worth of harvested marijuana along with 40 firearms on site. 

They ended up arresting 105 people—who just got news that crime pays big time in the Golden State. 

In addition to being one of the most stunningly massive international cartel operations ever, the Sheriff’s Office discovered the growing operation was routinely using a nasty illegal pesticide containing Carbofuran, which can quickly kill wildlife up to the size of a bear. 

“Our investigators were unable to convince prosecutors to file felony charges,” Lt. Howard Fuchs said of Gascon’s satellite office in Antelope Valley, which is on the way to California’s central farm belt. “The filing DA and the presiding judge said the case was overcharged by using the felony section.”

The only thing “overcharged” in this case is the DA’s ego which has him continually backing up criminals rather than protecting the public. 

“You can’t get much worse than cartels destroying the environment for profit. This is impacting the community in the high desert, the water supply, the environment, the wildlife,” Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva said. “Last year, we came across the carcasses of bears who had been drinking contaminated water.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Los Angeles’ DA has been caught blatantly siding with criminals. 

He’s been “downgrading” felony charges for all kinds of crimes including murder, gang related activity, and sexual assault. 

In fact, his behavior is so egregiously awful, you have to wonder exactly who he’s working for unofficially. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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