Havoc ensued when these street thugs moved in on cops

Thanks to liberal mismanagement, most parts of America have become riddled with crime.

This is especially true in most major cities, where laws have become nothing more than glorified suggestions.

And things escalated when street thugs in this notoriously violent city moved in on cops.

Criminals are actively taking over the streets, and rank-and-file cops often cannot do anything about it

There is a new sort of crime that is sweeping the nation called “street takeovers”.

These so-called street takeovers involve a group of street thugs shutting down a portion of a public road, typically a busy intersection, and throwing an unplanned block party of sorts in this shutdown intersection.

Such illegal parties usually involve illegal fireworks, drinking, drag racing, and other forms of illegal activity.

Chicago recently saw some particularly violent street takeovers across the city.

Chicago police said that multiple busy intersections were overtaken by street thugs, causing unmitigated mayhem, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Officers had bricks and bottles thrown at them, and in several instances, people actually tried to ram their cars into police.

And as a result, only two people were arrested which is downright pathetic.

Like many other cities that are dealing with these sorts of street takeovers, police have a hard time cracking down on them because they are often well attended and require a massive police presence.

Many liberal-run cities, such as Chicago, are simply overwhelmed by these takeovers, which allows them to happen with little to no resistance from law enforcement.

It does not help that cities like Chicago have made it their mission to demonize law enforcement over the last several years, leading to fewer and fewer officers joining the force.

If something is not done soon, then criminals will completely own America’s streets

At first, these sort of street takeovers only happened in a few cities such as Los Angeles, but now nearly every major city in America is starting to see these illegal gatherings pop up.

But these are far more dangerous than just unpermitted gatherings.

By blocking busy intersections, these thugs have made logistics a nightmare for emergency services such as fire departments, EMTs and more.

Not to mention that street takeovers almost always attract lowlifes who commit a multitude of crimes at the takeover.

These takeovers are making life in Chicago, and every other city that they occur in, flatly unbearable.

People who live in nearby buildings are kept up all night, which if you are somebody who works long shifts is a tremendous pain in the ass.

Police and city leaders are completely failing to stop these takeovers, which is a very terrifying thought.

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez – a mayoral candidate and vocal critic of Mayor Lori Lightfoot – ripped Lightfoot and Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown for “failing completely” to handle the problem of street takeovers and effectively sanctioned the destruction of police vehicles “without consequence,” the Sun-Times reported.

If Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities ever hope to get a grip on these street takeovers then serious legal action must take place.

Cops must be allowed to do whatever it takes to get these hoodrats off the streets and hold the people who organize them accountable for all of the hassle they are causing society.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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