Group of California county officials are about to break loose all hell

California is broken.

It’s mind-blowing how Gavin Newsom still has a job.

But one group of California county officials are about to break loose all hell.

California is one of the most left-wing states in the country.

But outside of the coastal big cities, there are a lot of voters who lean more conservative and moderate.

And voters in San Bernardino County, the fifth most populous county in the state, are exploring the idea of seceding from California and joining the border states of Nevada or Arizona.

The Daily Wire reported that “one million registered voters in California’s fifth most populous county have the chance in the midterm elections later this year to potentially secede from the state. The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 on Wednesday, with one supervisor absent, to add the secession measure to the 2022 ballot in November. The measure would ask San Bernardino residents: ‘Do the citizens of San Bernardino County want the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to study all options to obtain its fair share of state and federal resources, up to and including secession?’”

California already has exorbitant state and local taxes, and the Democrat supermajority in the state legislature wants to push taxes even higher.

The regulatory apparatus is also imposing “green” taxes and laws that will be burdensome for businesses and residents.

The Daily Wire added that “given the current climate, which many residents up and down the Golden State have experienced recently, the supervisors said last week that ‘a lot’ of speakers came forward to express their desire to either join Arizona, Nevada, or even form their own state.”

Despite the high taxes, California’s infrastructure and public schools are rated near the bottom in the country.

Supervisor Janie Rutherford said, “I was surprised by the idea, and I don’t believe it’s feasible politically or financially to secede from California…People pay high taxes, and they do not believe those taxes are coming back to their neighborhoods to address the problems they’re most concerned about…That’s what we heard from our public last week, and there is nothing crazy at all about being angry about those things.”

In addition to failing schools and infrastructure, Californians are fed up with gas prices, housing, rising crime, and water management.

Meanwhile, the Golden State’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, is trying to run for President by running ads in other red states.

He should focus on his own state, the one residents are fleeing at a historic pace.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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