Gavin Newsom blows his top after Steve Hilton reveals what’s about to happen

California Governor Gavin Newsom wrecked his state. 

Now he wants the chance to run the entire United States into the ground. 

And he blew his top after Steve Hilton revealed what’s about to happen.

The host of Fox News’ The Next Revolution is sounding the alarm as Democrats who can’t stand the idea of Kamala Harris in the White House turn to Nancy Pelosi’s overeager nephew. 

Gavin Newsom has been a legend in his own mind for decades now, but given the dismal lineup of candidates to potentially replace Joe Biden that Democrats have been able to field, he’s burst onto the national scene with more ambition than ability. 

But Steve Hilton is warning Newsom in the White House is the “last thing America needs.” 

The far-Left governor has made a complete mess out of California, blowing billions on climate initiatives to install electric car chargers in the poorest neighborhoods while simultaneously pushing businesses out of the state. 

And his response to the COVID-19 crisis helped the state’s growing low-income class sink even further into desperate poverty as children with parents who couldn’t afford private schools were treated like pawns in political theater. 

As Hilton, a California resident, pointed out, we could expect much of the same with Newsom as President. 

“He closed California public schools earlier and before anyone else… just under half the kids in California meet the state’s standards for English. With math, a third of the kids are proficient in math… and that is great because as California Democrats have established, math is ‘racist,’” Hilton said in his highly accurate rant. 

He then pointed out that the woke madness taking over California is, ironically, hurting black kids the most. 

“There is definitely one area where California is leading the nation: illiteracy. California has the lowest literacy rate of any state,” Hilton added. “Isn’t that the kind of transformative leadership America needs?”

The truth is nothing good can come from the Lefts’ destructive policies. 

Their constant crusade to gain absolute control over Americans’ lives is already causing some of the most affluent parts of the country to slip into something that resembles third world countries. 

The fact that Gavin Newsom can seriously chastise other Democrats for not ramming through more radical policies while his own people suffer from the aftereffects of the Marxist Black Lives Matter riots is proof that giving him any more power would be atrocious. 

But considering that Democrats put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, it’s equally likely they’ll back a Newsom bid for the top office. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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