Eric Adams thought his press conference line was funny but most of the country is furious

Democrats have convinced themselves of their own moral and intellectual superiority.

Apparently the same goes for their sense of humor, laughing it off when their own policies end in tragedy.

Because NYC Mayor Eric Adams thought this press conference line was funny but most of the country is furious.

Big Apple’s Democrat mayor insulted most of the country with ridiculous statement about NYC’s “brand”

New York Mayor Eric Adams has been a disappointment in his brief time in office.

A former NYPD police officer, Adams made New Yorkers believe that he would return a sense of law and order in the city after eight years of communist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But Adams has done little to address the crime problem.

On top of that, Adams is taking the time to insult other parts of the country that do not have New York City’s “brand.”

During a press event, Adams said, “We have a brand. New York has a brand. And when people see it, it means something…Kansas doesn’t have a brand.”

Adams’s arrogant line drew laughs from his entourage.

“When you go there, okay, you’re from Kansas,” which sparked more laughter.

Adams concluded, “But New York has a brand. It has a brand.”

People on social media were quick to rip Adams, pointing out that New York’s “brand” includes large amounts of crime and degradation.

The Subway brand . . . New York City’s not the sandwich makers’


Adams himself said he was afraid to take the subway, explaining, “On day one, I took the subway system, I felt unsafe. I saw homeless everywhere. People were yelling on the trains. There was a feeling of disorder. So as we deal with the crime problem, we also have to deal with the fact people feel unsafe.”

Perhaps that was the “brand” Adams was discussing.

Or maybe he was talking about the subway shooter who wounded ten people.

Adams could have been talking about the commuter who was shoved in front of a train and killed.

The “brand” could have been the officer that was shot and killed during an ambush upon arrival for a domestic violence call.

Adams might have been talking about the spate of thefts at pharmacies that have forced several of them to close down.

The “brand” in question could have been the bodega employee who was charged with murder after an irate customer came behind the counter and assaulted him; the employee defended himself with a knife and was shipped off to Riker’s Island.

He was only released after public outcry.

Mayor Adams should focus more on his city’s brand and leave Kansas out of it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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