Democrats are testing out one of Barack Obama’s schemes to destroy America’s suburbs in this New England state

There goes the neighborhood.

Four years of the Trump Presidency slowed their agenda, but the metropolitan elitists have not given up on their goal of destroying American suburbs for electoral gain.

Now Democrats are testing out one of Barack Obama’s schemes to destroy America’s suburbs in this New England state.

As part of the woke Left’s insistence on forced diversity through its so-called, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion charade, then-President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder began an assault on United States suburbs.

Now, one New England state is being used as a test subject for their radical agenda.

The plot to eliminate single-family housing zoning and introducing section-8 housing in the suburbs is in action during Maine’s legislative session this year.

The Pine Tree State’s legislative session just began and forcing more diversity in the whitest state in the Union is one of the top priorities of the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Maine Governor Janet Mills’ office and a host of Social Justice Snowflake non-profit housing agencies are also in on the scheme.

If passed, the bill would put an end to single-family home neighborhoods and trigger the demise of local control over zoning laws in Vacationland.

Furthermore, according to conservative watchdog group Maine First Project, the plan would go as far to open the door to further multi-unit developments while actively forcing acceptance of these projects in all suburbs and small towns across the state.

Maine First Project President & Co-Founder, former State Representative Larry Lockman says the forced diversity efforts not-so-coincidentally line up with the Left’s push to migrate refugees, asylum seekers, and even illegal aliens across stateliness.

For the past six months, swamp critters at the Statehouse have been working on a grand “affordable housing” plan, with special emphasis on “racial equity.”

“The Left’s housing plan is coming together just in time to ensure a bright future for all the illegal immigrants who crashed the southern border and resettled in Maine since President Brandon took office,” Lockman said. “At least 1,000 of these ‘new Mainers’ are currently being housed at taxpayer expense in motels across Cumberland and York counties.”

Last June, Governor Mills appointed a commission of her cronies to “increase housing opportunities.”

Commissioners were tasked with proposing legislation to override local zoning ordinances that protect neighborhoods of single-family homes.

Along with the previously mentioned consequences, Mills’ commissioner is also considering waiving population density restrictions, building height restrictions, and financial rewards to local communities agreeing to comply with the commission’s wishes.

“You’re familiar with the admonition, ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’, aren’t you?” Lockman questions. “It’s one of the Ten Commandments for every serious leftist. Now the Left has a supposed crisis of its own making to exploit right here in Maine!”

The fact is, Mainers, and Americans as a whole, don’t want what the apartment living Democrats are ushering into U.S. suburbs.

They want more single-family housing.

In fact, single-family home rentals account for about half of all rentals in the United States.

It’s a fact that will likely do little to deter the radical leftists occupying the majority of Maine’s legislative seats from moving forward with its woke agenda to destroying hard-working Americans’ communities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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