Democrat policies are completely destroying one historic American city

The radical Left is systematically taking over the Democrat Party.

Positions once considered unthinkable are now accepted in the Party’s mainstream.

And Democrat policies are destroying one historic American city.

California is quickly descending into a progressive hellscape.

For the first time in the state’s history, more people left the state than migrated into it.

The trend of Californians leaving has gotten so bad that moving truck rentals out of the state are double the cost of trucks into the state.

And San Francisco, one of the most radical left-wing cities in the country, is bearing the brunt of the state’s slide into leftist “utopia.”

Author and former progressive Michael Shellenberger, detailed the horrors in crime and homelessness that have become endemic in the city.

Shellenberger was once deeply ensconced in the so-called “progressive” movement – he previously worked for Congresswoman Maxine Waters and George Soros – but became enemy number one on the Left after he spoke out against the radical environmentalist movement that he had been a part of.

In his book Apocalypse Never, Shellenberger dispelled many of the nostrums repeated by the doomsday environmentalist Left.

In Shellenberger’s latest book San Fran-Sicko, he’s taking aim at the left-wing policies that are exacerbating homelessness and drug addiction.

Last year, over 93,000 people in America overdosed on drugs, which is several multiples higher than the murder rate.

Homelessness and crime mixed with high costs of living are causing Bay Area residents to flee.

The SF Gate reports:

“A shocking 71% of respondents said the quality of life in the greater Bay Area is worse now compared to five years ago. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they are considering leaving in the next five years – including 53% of respondents who work in the tech sector.”

Leftists refuse to solve these problems as the homelessness bureaucracy has expanded into a full-blown racket.

City and state officials are getting paid six-figure salaries to not solve the problem.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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