Criminals are rejoicing after this Blue State governor made a major pro-crime move

America is experiencing a major crime surge, and the reason for this surge is not very hard to determine.

Years of pro-crime policies passed by the Left have created an environment for criminals to thrive.

Now criminals are rejoicing after this Blue State governor made a major pro-crime move.

The Democrat party is the party of criminals and crime

In just about every single community in America, crime is up. This is especially true in areas that are under Democrat control.

This is because Democrats have made it their mission to destroy their communities with disastrous pro-crime policies such as so-called bail reform and defunding of the police.

But, what this one blue-state politician just did might be one of the most extreme pro-crime political moves made in recent memory.

Just last Tuesday, the Democrat Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, announced that she will be commuting the sentences of all 17 death row inmates in Oregon effective on Wednesday, December 14th.

Instead, these 17 death row inmates will face the penalty of life in prison.

In an official statement, Governor Kate Brown claimed that “I have long believed that justice is not advanced by taking a life, and the state should not be in the business of executing people — even if a terrible crime placed them in prison.”

Then Governor Brown took the opportunity to address the victims of the crimes that these death row inmates committed saying that “pain and uncertainty while individuals sit on death row—especially in states with moratoriums on executions—without resolution. My hope is that this commutation will bring us a significant step closer to finality in these cases.”

What a load of total and complete nonsense.

Kate Brown just took a firm stance in favor of crime by commuting these sentences.

She also showed that she is completely shameless by addressing the victims of these heinous crimes who are undoubtedly broken by this act. She ought to be ashamed of herself.

Governor Kate Brown is a complete and total disgrace

The truth is, Kate Brown does not give a damn about human life.

Kate Brown is unsurprisingly pro-choice and supports the mass killing of millions of unborn children, who have committed no crimes whatsoever.

Instead, Governor Brown has sympathy for violent felons, who have caused immeasurable pain and suffering.

By commuting the sentences of these hardened criminals, Governor Kate Brown sent a powerful message that she is not willing to take a hard stance on crime.

Oregon has seen a massive spike in crime after all of the pro-crime policies that were passed in 2020.

Now more than ever, Oregon needs leadership who is willing to take a hard stance against crime.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for more updates to this ongoing story.


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